Thursday, March 05, 2015

Mama Pillow

Sometimes I see things at the barns that are just so remarkable. The other day I was walking around with my camera in hand. There are a couple hundred lambs so sometimes it is hard to focus on all each individual lamb, never mind the under appreciated hard working mamas**. I have to be quick to get the good shot and I am not always so. The lambs are always quick and the mamas are always a bit leary of me. I was just about done with poking around and I found this lamb asleep on her mama. Awwwww - so sweet. It just lay there snoozing away..... for several minutes........

And then it popped up  - as kids also do --- and was looking all around...

In a few seconds it was off - on its latest greatest adventure with lots of its lamb pals. Gives me a view into human/animal nature - and you too I hope.

I'm on my way to Boston today to speak at the Roslindale Public Library at 7 p.m tonight. Hope to see some of you there. Julia is coming with me too. Stop and say hi and pick up some yarn at the Yarn and Craft Book Sale. The sale continues through Saturday. Here is the info

**(Don't get me started on this - you know it deep down in your heart - you are probably looking for the little lamb photos, just like you look for the baby and toddler photos on other blogs. Pimply teen photos, 50 year old women, they just aren't that appealing. Hard to swallow as the years go on sometimes. Perhaps I should should start sharing more photos of our older sheep. That is why I enjoy the Lines of Beauty blog written by my friend Louise and The Women's Room blog from the UK. Anyone else have any favorites?) 


Leslie said...

That photo looks so clean, I guess it's one advantage of it being so cold. Mud season hasn't started everywhere yet.

I notice no numbers or color stripes on the lambs this year. Has the farmer found another way to keep track?

I come here for whatever you post. The colors, the musing, the scenery (interior, exterior, lambs or not). Thanks for bringing color into my life.

Anonymous said...

I just received my copy of Crafting a Colorful Home from your shop. It was so fun to open and I really enjoyed all the fun surprises - postcards and bookmarks, etc. I'm looking forward to many inspiring hours reading your book.
Thanks for all you do for the crafting/creative community.
And I look forward to all of your blog posts too.
Have a wonderful day!!!
connknits on ravelry

katherine said...

Love the pictures of the lamb/mommy love. We see a lot of that this time of year on our farm as well. We have 31 lambs this year from our small flock in PA. I admire all the hard work you all do on your farm. I admire full time farmers. My husband and children work very hard this time of year with our little flock. I can identify with the statement about your life revolves around the reproductive life of a sheep. Ours does too. My husband has another full time job to fund our farming it seems. I watched your creative bug video tour of your farm and house! Loved it. How far are you from Boston? My husband has work conferences sometime in Boston - it would be nice to visit your large scale sheep practice. Take Care.

CLM said...

So enjoyed your talk in Roslindale! Favorite things: the beautiful and multicolored doors, also the wall next to the stairs. Thank you for coming.

Auntie Shan said...

There was a Yarn SALE today... 2.5kilos of WOOL! -- BTW, after it's all processed and whatnot, how much 4-ply worsted can you get from a single fleece?? 'Cause, I think my STASH is looking to be the same size as your FLOCK!! - [Or enough to yarn-bomb your entire house! Barn.. A few trees... oh look! a naked tractor!]

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Mama ewes love their little ones and it is so precious to see. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Lines of Beauty said...

I love those all those babies so much too Kristin. Love your tutorial too this week. Thank you for the shout out. xo

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