Monday, April 27, 2015

A Quick Trip South

Last week was school vacation for Julia so we headed out on an adventure. We went south to visit my Mom and sisters in New Jersey. On Friday, we drove to Philadelphia to visit my niece Olivia who will be graduating from the University of Pennsylvania next month. We figured we had better visit once before she was done. 

I hadn't been to Philadelphia in almost 30 years not counting fly-throughs at the airport. When I was younger, Philadelphia was a common city for my family to visit because we only lived a couple hours away. It is so rich in history. When I was in college at the University of Delaware, I used to take the train up to Philly and spend the day visiting museums on my own. 

Benjamin Franklin in front of College Hall
Olivia has been majoring in art and she gave Julia and I a fantastic tour of their art department. I loved seeing all the tools and studios that are available to the students. It made me yearn for those days of college and long studio hours and massive projects! Below are some of Olivia's inspirational images she had pinned to a wall.

Here are Olivia and Julia in front of one of Olivia's inspiration walls in her studio. 

While in Philly, we were lucky to visit the Barnes Foundation. The building is new and in center city. If you are a follower of the art world, you probably remember the controversy about moving the art collection amassed by Albert Barnes from the original museum in Merion, PA to a new building in Center City. You can read about that here or watch a documentary called The Art of the Steal

Head of a Young Girl - Matisse - 1917
The building is beautiful. The trees were just beginning to leaf out and the grounds were beautifully landscaped. Inside the art is displayed exactly the same as it was at the original museum in Merion,PA. The collection is astounding. Each room is set up with paintings set off with other incredible objects including metal objects, antique chests, chairs, and ceramics. There are two floors and by the time we left, my head was spinning. We took the guided tour via an iPod which filled us in on the highlights of the collection. 

Cupboard - 1828 - American
This museum has more the largest collection of Renoir paintings in the world. There are also scads of paintings by Cezanne. I am sharing the work that inspired me the most. All photos were found on the Barnes Foundation website. Check it out to see more of the collection. 

The Postman - VanGogh - 1889
I will definitely visit this collection again if I have the chance. There was so much to see and take in that I know I missed so much. I hope you will go too if you ever end up in Philadelphia. 

Still Life - Van Gogh - 1888
And a special tip if you are taking a young person who may not be too interested in art (I'm talking about you Miss J!) - there is a fun audio tour that kids can listen to that is engaging and introduces young people to art in a very appealing and friendly way! 

Here are some more of my favorite highlights from The Barnes Foundation Museum.

Vase by Jean Renoir, Son of Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1922

Red Madras HeadDress - Matisse - 1907
Girl with Polka Dot Blouse - Amodeo Modigliani - 1919
Central Park - Charles Prendergast - 1939
Here are Mom and Julia just before we were leaving. That is Mom's new baby Lola in her arms! What a cutie she is. 


Unknown said...

It's easy to see why the Renoir vase appealed! So much like your work. I am surprised to see that Miss Julia is already a young lady. How quickly time passes.

Auntie Shan said...

Personally, I'm a huge GAUGUIN "fan", at least where his Polynesian work is concerned. Then, VAN GOGH's... which I've seen quite a few of - [those 2 big exhibits at MMA decades ago!] - however, I don't remember seeing THAT still life... Love the colours he used. Actually, they remind me of the ones in THIS Blanket

...sorta... And, of your sunflowers!

Kathy said...

The Postman painting by Van Gogh made me think instantly of the colors you use in your work, Kristin. I love the Barnes Foundation. We are fortunate to have family in the area and try to take in a museum when we visit. There's so much to see.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, the memory of long ,long days in the painting studio at art school. Especially this time of year...the big windows now wide open, a spring breeze wafting in, the smell of linseed oil...bliss.
Your afternoon at the Bsrnes sounded wonderful. What a great day! _DL

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Julia is turning into a lovely young lady! What a great smile too!
After a long winters night t- shirts no more bundling up and the butterfly emerges!
Ruth from Oxnard CA

BERMD said...

Looks like you had a great time. Our lad did his MFA at Penn. I hope Olivia enjoyed her time there and will have every success. Your mom looks like a happy lady seeing her family. Best BER

Anonymous said...

~ Thanks for sharing the inspiring trip Kristin.
I went to Moore College of Art & Design in Philly, and enjoyed running with my art school friends on East River Drive, by Boat House Row, up all the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum. With map searching, I see that the Barnes Foundation is within walking distance of my Art school, near Logan Circle.
What a treasure so close. Perhaps someday, I'll get back for a visit.
Meanwhile, thanks for sharing, and I loVe the Van Gogh still life with lemons & blue flowers and the Modigliani portrait.
Congrats to Olivia on her graduation.
I often went to draw from the University of PA Museum's display of textile and pottery artifacts, the South American collections. Great memories.
I'm inspired to draw more !!
Shell ~

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