Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waiting Patiently for the Grass to Grow

It is the middle of April. The snow is gone. Mud season was not so bad this year. Considering all the snow we got, it was surprising how fast it all went away. The light is so much stronger now and the sun higher in the sky every day. The grass has really not started to grow. The sheep are desperate to eat their greens. I think once one little blade pops up, they are there to harvest it. It won't be long until the grass is growing like crazy - probably mid May. The Farmer will then be mad to harvest it for hay. I better get some work out of him before he disappears with his tractor until October! 

There is very little shade for the sheep because the trees have not leafed out yet. It will be a few weeks for that. They find little bits of shade along the densely wooded sections of the pasture and along fence lines where the shadows are heavier. It hasn't been too hot yet and I am thankful for that. Sometimes in New England we go from freezing cold to the uncomfortable days of 80 degrees and more. Right now we are having a nice stretch of spring weather - warm during the day (70 or so) and almost freezing in the evenings. We love to have a fire in the woodstove in the evenings and this weather is affording that. 

The Farmer's Market Season starts on Saturday. It is a long stretch outdoors until Thanksgiving. Must get the product ready to go, check the tent, clean the freezers and the sheds in case anyone dares to come here to buy meat. Have the markets started in your part of the world yet? 

Today I am sharing some photos from around the farm. Enjoy your Thursday everyone! 


Auntie Shan said...

Well the CANADA GEESE are back... Whilst driving home in traffic earlier, I spotted 2 "conversing" with a groundhog on the hillside not-grownout-foliage of an upramp into one of our larger shopping malls! The area is the size of a postage stamp amongst the "concrete"!!
- It was so distracting, I almost hit the car in front of me! The groundhogs pretty much have "condos" in those ramp hills, but the Geese usually prefer the farm fields along the river fronts [about 5 miles away]...

Loani said...

I know the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere because of your blog Kristin. In the winter I wonder at how anything survives. And this time of year - I wonder at new life. Brilliant.

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