Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Fabric Printing Workshop - Wrap Up Part One

I have recovered after a very full two and a half weeks of a flurry of activity and travel to Detroit and teaching a two day workshop here at the farm in between hot and humid Tuesdays at the Northampton Farmers Market selling our lamb and peddling my pottery and books. I'm glad it is all over! Not that summer is really ever normal. Julia and I have a few more things we have planned to make this summer memorable for her. She turns 17 this Friday! Wow. Where has the time gone.  

Before I forget about all the fun and learning my four students and I had this past weekend at the second of 2015 Fabric Printing Retreats here at our Leyden Glen Farm, I thought I would share some photos and projects. This group of four women was as different as any group. I love figuring each person out and thinking about where they are in their creative journeys. Two of the women - Margaret and Tamson - had been here in the past and I was thrilled to welcome them back. Darby and Heather were new to me. It really is fun to watch the group get to know each other. 

I love the excitement that each person discovers as they make something that they cannot believe they were capable of. It is a thrill for me as a creative person who is pretty much always alone working to share my knowledge with others. 

We had the added excitement of Julia discovering that Petunia had delivered a new litter of 4 kitties. Petunia is a very patient mama and we carried her downstairs onto the porch in a box with the babies. They are still in the same spot and now we get to watch them grow as the weeks go by. 

These photos are from Day One. We concentrated on printing with Foam Stamps. The students had to design their own motifs. Then we cut them out of foam, made the stamps and then learned to print on fabric. 

The day goes fast. My goal was to have everyone have their stamps completed by lunch time. After lunch, we learned about the inks and paints and then printed canvas bags and some fabric. 
Darcy's floral stamps in their design process
Tamson's finished bag inspired by leaves
Darcy's swirly and polka dotted linen dishtowel
Heather's beginnings of her simple yet beautiful design
Margaret deciding on her next move
Margaret's finished bag
Darcy's finished bag
Each student made several stamps of their own design that they were able to take away with them. They have the basics to continue on with this technique. I hope they do. 

More on the wrap-up tomorrow on Part Two of the Fabric Printing Retreat. 

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Auntie Shan said...

So, an early "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to J-GIRL!! - [I already had the "date" marked on my calendar!] - Hope She has a SUPER DAY!! And, GOOD weather!! - Be sure to give Her a squishy-"AUNTIE"-Hug for me!

17... Take a deep breath, Sweetie. The "fun" is *just* beginning!

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