Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colorful Knitting Retreat Wrap-Up

We had a fantastic weekend here at the farm with four knitters who travelled from CT, NJ, AZ and VT. From the moment they walked in the french doors into the living room, I knew we were all going to get along and have a blast. 

We started the day out with a getting to know you session on our porch. Then onto a tour of the handmade and hand painted decoration of our farmhouse. By sharing the decoration, my handmade work, paintings, and collections, I can easily share my sense of color and help students learn to work more proficiently with color themselves. 

Next it was down to my studio. I talked a little more about color and shared samples. Then it was out to my cutting garden where each student collected flowers and leaves that inspired them. 

Back inside, we built color palettes using our natural and floral inspiration. This is the funnest (is that a word?) part of the weekend for me. To see each knitter start discovering how colors go together and how nature does the most incredible job is such a joy. Do you see the intensity? 

Here are some of the colorways they put together. 

I also shared some art books and discussed another way to create a pretty colorway for knitting. 

In the afternoon, I taught them all about embroidering on knits. Here are 3 of the 4 samplers they made. Mary Kay had to rush off and I didn't have a chance to snap hers before she left. 

Charlie the cat hung out with us, testing everyone's knitting bag to see which was the most comfortable to nap on. 

On Day Two, we began with a sheep herding demonstration by Mark and Kate. Here are the sheep all bunched up awaiting Kate's next move. 

Back in the studio, the students sewed and cut a steek! Then they got to work on their pillow tops and added lots of embroidery. 

And here are Nancy, Mardie, and Cyd with their in process projects. Mary Kay left after Day One because she had to get back home for work.  

And here is a photo of Julia with as she calls them "the ladies." The older she gets, the more she is interested in everyone. She might even say she is slightly interested in what they are making - only slightly! 

Ahhh, the studio is so quiet now. Time to get back to my work now. And think about what I would like to teach next year. 

The entire Getting Stitched on the Farm Creative Retreat experience is impossible to duplicate with a slide show at a guild meeting or in a store setting. If you are really into color, the handmade, knitting, stitching, and fabric, think about coming to the farm in 2016. 

The best way to learn about the Creative Retreats is by signing up for my newsletter on the top right of the sidebar of my blog. Newsletter readers are notified of the dates FIRST - even before blog readers. 

I'll be back with more this week. Tuesday Farmers Market in Northampton behind Thornes Marketplace today in the rain! If you are local, stop by. 


Gerri said...

Fun to see the color combinations. Seeing the Swiss Chard yarn selections really brought home the point about looking for all the colors-it wasn't just red and green. There is some of yellow going on.Builds depth, I'd imagine.

ellen said...

What fun! All of those colors are glorious. Such lucky "ladies".

Auntie Shan said...

So glad that you had GOOD weather for the WEEKEND! I was hoping that you'd get lucky with it considering the CURRENT weather! We just caught the northern edge of the system... Looks like you'll be having more of it tomorrow..? - I hate rain any time past August!

Anyhoo, love Everyone's Work! And the flower pickings look fab! All of your little yarn bits reminds me of the little skeins of tapestry yarn I just picked up at the thrift store today! :-D "One-of-these-days" I'm going to have to get around to washing them all up and making "something" COLOURFUL!

BTW, if Julia gets any cuter, you might have to make her the official RETREAT "MASCOT"!

Fiordelisa said...

What an amazing idea. I love the photos of the flowers with the yarn colors drawn from them. And the embroidered pieces at the end look very William Morris/Arts and Crafts. Totally charming work.

meigancam01 said...

Very good and unique idea.love it.

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