Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our Farm Featured on 9 Farms Around the World on Houzz!

So excited to share with you all today a new article from Houzz. It is called World of Design: See How 9 Families Live and Farm on their Land

Mark, Julia and I are so excited that we are the featured farm from the USA! Wow. Click on the photo below to read the entire article. It is pretty interesting to see how other farmers live throughout the world. 

The World of Design Feature Series has been running for a couple months on Houzz. They feature about a dozen houses, artists, rooms, and more from around the world. So on this story, not only are we featured but there are farms and farm families from Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Japan, France, Sweden, and Australia featured. 

The very cool thing is this story is being run around the world and featured in each of the newsletters that Houzz produces around the world. Pretty cool!  

Thank you Houzz for another amazing opportunity to have our Leyden Glen Farm, our farmhouse and our work shown around the world. 


Auntie Shan said...


Of course now, you'll having to get your books translated and start teaching the sheep to "baa" with accents!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Thank you for sharing that fantastic article. I am reading about every farm! I love it that you are in there, too. That's pretty cool and amazing, Kristin, just like you!

love ya! susan b.

LannieK said...

How cool, Kristin!

Unknown said...

It always makes me delighted to see you in unexpected places!! Loved the article, too!

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Val said...

That was both fun and fascinating you might be interested in this farm story http://www.fordhallfarm.com/ it's a farm near where I used to live and an interesting glimpse of the possibilities of small farms

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