Monday, January 25, 2016

It's All About That .....

Bass - isn't that what Meghan Trainor sings? That song is so catchy but in my head it keeps going round as "It's All About The Lambs, The Lambs, The Lambs!"

Yes, it is happening again here on our farm. Lambing season is in full swing. We are up to 80 lambs as of yesterday. Here are the ewes on the upper plateau. They are all waiting for their babies. 

Please excuse me for not posting so much of the cuteness yet. Julia has been down with some kind of strange virus for the past 10 days which has kept me off the computer and playing nurse. She is fine now - back at school this morning - but it has been a long road. She had something similar last January so next January when if it happens again, I hope I remember that it will pass. 

It's only been the past few days that I felt comfortable leaving her and helping out some at the barns. Thus far, our numbers have been decent and we haven't lost too many lambs at all. We were lucky to not have the massive snowstorm that so many on the east coast did. It certainly would have complicated things. 

So I will try to be better at snapping photos and writing lambing stories in the next couple weeks but today, I've got to try to catch up with my life. Have a great week everyone! 


hawknitr13 said...

Thank you for taking time to post these little darlings and their mamas!!!

adaliza said...

So pleased to hear you escaped the snow - I was thinking about you all. Lovely photos and glad Julia is better now. Keep warm!

Auntie Shan said...

GOOD! "IT" missed you! - I had noticed that the edge of it had swiped at Boston a bit. From the LACK of groundsnow in your pics, it looks like you really did escape the nastiness! :-D
I'm still trying to believe that I *didn't* have to touch my shovel for 6-days straight! - Although, I did a little bit of "prep" work today ahead of the incoming "warmer" weather for this week. When stuff "melts", I need it to go WHERE *I* want it to! -- Hope you guys don't end up with too much "annoying" rain in the next few days, either. MUD SEASON might just be coming early..?! Or not... [Don't believe a word of what the GROUNDHOG says next week!]

Anyhoo, *HUGS* to J-GIRL! xx

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

oh the LAMBS! I always love your sheep photos but the lamb ones are just too much. So glad Julia is better.

Pam said...

Love, love, love these photos! Aren't lambs just the sweetest?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Julia is better.
As a mother of 5, I understand that feeling.
Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Laurie Lasala-Tuttle said...

Hi Kristin ~ Your photos are always so sweet! I always worried when one of our 3 sons had something worse than a cold. So glad Julia is feeling better! I would love to attend one of your creative retreats. Fabric painting & crewel embroidery would be fun to learn, along with anything else. :)
I enjoy your blog very much ~ Laurie in California

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