Monday, February 01, 2016

Lambing 2016 Continues

Things have been busy here at the farm. There are a lot of lambs now. Not sure how many though because we had a deluge of 25 lambs on Wednesday and it was all we could do to just get it all under control. We know it is in excess of 150. The Farmer was doing such a good job with the records and then it all went to pot. 

We've had a lot of successes and a few failures but we expect that during lambing season. Most of the mamas are doing a great job with their babies. There are only 2 bottle lambs at this point! That is great because there have been years when there have been 11. Lambs do so much better when they are fed by their mamas as opposed to being fed by a human. 

The weather has been with us and compared to last year, it has been a day at the beach. This week it is going to be in the 50's for a few days so the lambs will be loving it. 

Here are few photos from the field where the lambs are being born. It looks funny to see all the brown ground as opposed to the normal snowy scene. 

Have a great week everyone!


Jane Miller said...

So cute! Are the markings to match them up with their moms?

Auntie Shan said...

ahh.. The joys of "logistics"!
I'm going to assume here, that "counting sheep" does NOT induce "sleep" when one runs a sheep farm..?

yeah, so far, Winter has been pretty tame around here too. So far... Although, we still have a couple of feet left of WHITE on the ground. But THIS week has been teasingly "Springy" with the temps. However, SPRING isn't here yet, with its usual "end-of-season" DUMP-FEST! - [despite the niceness, snowbrushes *don't* get removed from the car until MAY!]
BTW, this lack of snow you have, won't that be a problem later in the summer if it too is on the dry side?

Anyhoo, hope the "labour" slacks off a bit so you can find time to *enjoy* the GOOD weather!!


Unknown said...

What are their names???! Just kidding! That was "baaaad" of me.!! Would love to bring my grandkids up to check out the babies. I'll check with you at the end of the week to see if that's a possibility....

Michele in Maine said...

Oh, as always, they are so sweet and full of life! I never tire of your sheep and lamb pictures.
So glad that the temps are in your favor; anything to ease the workload, right? Heavy rains and winds are coming here tomorrow - hope you are spared!

Frances said...

As we enter into February, all lamb photographs are very welcome to my eyes. After that recent blizzard, we are now actually having weather that's strangely warm. Of course, it could be snowing again in a week.


Anna said...

Such sweeties. Have a great week ahead.

barbar said...

Just have to say what a great job you do with lambing. I only had 28 at the most and it was insane! You are all three amazing!

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