Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Surprise! Look what is happening.....

Look at this!

We are having lambs again! For the past few years, The Farmer has been bringing in new bloodlines and breeds of sheep to our flock. First was a big Polypay from the University of Wisconsin. Next, over two years, he purchased 2 Dorset ram lambs from a farm in Pennsylvania. Their father was from Australia! The miracles of AI (artificial insemination) and airplanes! And this spring, he purchased another Polypay from the University of Wisconsin. 

Good genetics, although expensive, is one of the easiest way to improve a flock. Because our product is meat, we look for good carcass quality and prolificacy. And so here you have it - lambs in the late summer. 

When the first ones were born, we were a bit surprised. Usually we will have a couple of late summer lambs but this year, there is more than a handful. 

Last night I was lucky to be close by when this pair of twins was born. The mother was incredibly attentive, cleaning them off. They were up quickly. By tomorrow, they will be running so fast that we won't be able to catch them. And they don't have to contend with the snow. We will see how fast they grow and if there are any specific problems to deal with compared to lambing in the winter. 

It is sweet to hear the little lambs voices talking to their mamas out in the pasture. 

Thanks everyone for entering the Wendy Bernard Stitch Dictionary giveaway. Lisa is the winner and I have contacted her. Hopefully I will find some more nice books to share with you all this fall. 

I hope you all are enjoying the last few fleeting weeks of summer. 


Auntie Shan said...


Although, at the end of "season", aren't the Winter ones a bit more hardy and *less* likely to contract any unnoticed health issues or get EATEN [by NON-"paying" Customers] than the Summer ones..? Or, does the FEED and overall maintenance expenses tip the Scales on final "PRODUCTION"-COSTS..? -- BTW, how old are they when they go to "market"? [And are the TWINS going to end up being Nicknamed "CHRISTMAS" & "NEW YEAR" DINNER?] - [yeah, I know... I've just ruined "the moment". But, hey, #RealLife! No different than saying, "oh! Cute Chickies!" while you're cracking a few Eggs! eh?]

Anyhoo, have fun taking tons of Baby-Pics!

Adaliza said...

We have a few flocks over here in Hampshire, UK that lamb in the Autumn. I can't remember whether it's a specific breed but the farms seem to survive and the lambs thrive before winter sets in. At least they have a chance to grow and get strong before winter sets in. Lovely pics! Ax

FoFo said...

How lovely! Makes one want to pick a lamb up and smoosh one's face into their little bodies. So cute!

Monica said...

On Wisconsin!! Hehe (coming from a UW textile and apparel design alumna from Madison, Wi!)

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