Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Life + Objects that Inspired Matisse

Busy week here. I have a group of 20 weavers coming tomorrow as part of their touring day. The New England Weavers Seminar happens every other year at Smith College and on one day, they do a tour of interesting local places. I guess I am interesting. Should be fun.

I got the garden in. I know - very late. But it doesn't matter. Everything will take off like crazy considering the now hot and humid weather. I'm still planting sunflowers! They will bloom in September. I have faith.

I have my first Creative Retreat of 2017 this weekend. It's going to be a small but fun group. I can tell. Fabric Printing, Linoleum Block Printing and Lampshade Painting. The next one is in two weeks and there are still 2 spots remaining. Fabric Printing, Embroidery and Ceramic Tile Painting. Info here.

Last week, Julia and I snuck off to my sister Laurie's close to Boston for a day and a night. The occasion was the last days of the Matisse In the Studio Exhibit at the MFA. I don't have much time to write about it but I did take some photos for you all.

The handmade handstitched curtain you see in the photo above.

The premise of the exhibit was to show the objects Matisse found inspiration from for his paintings. This was right down my alley as I look to beautiful handmade objects from other lands for my inspiration. 

It was a fantastic exhibition but because we were two days before closing, it was quite crowded and difficult to take photos. 

When we walked in one of the rooms, we saw this painting. A fave for sure.

Here is the pewter jug that Matisse painted and loved. He painted it many times in different paintings. 

A gorgeous Moroccan handpainted table that also is featured in Matisse's paintings. 

I love these tables. I have one and have painted it. So beautiful.

A gorgeous textile with a blurry photo of one of the paintings it was featured in.

A textile with a painting inspired by the textile.

Some other textiles which I found beautiful and were represented in paintings. 

Some work from the latter part of Matisse's life. Much simpler and graphic but a natural progression. I love the simplicity of line and beautiful shapes.

The show will be in London soon so if you are there, check it out. Here is the link.

I have read two fantastic biographies on Matisse by Hilary Spurling. 
Worth a read if you are into this kind of thing. 

Hope your summer is going swimmingly. 


Cynthia Walat said...

So happy you got to see it!!! I knew you would love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristin. You remind me to see the beauty all around.

Adaliza said...

Hi Kristin - thanks so much for sharing news of the exhibition and for saying it's on in London. I've just booked my ticket - for September when I'm going up to a classical concert at the Royal Albert Hall in the evening. It'll be a day full of art and culture!

Monica said...

Awesome exhibit! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Auntie Shan said...

To be honest, I've never been a big follower of MATISSE per se... I'm more of a GAUGUIN fangirl! ;-}
However, I'm absolutely LOVING the TEXTILES ART in that exhibit! Especially the open-fret quilting of that curtain... -- To me, THAT WORK is far more "ARTFUL"!
Anyhoo, GREAT PICS! THANKS for the "TOUR"!
And, GOOD LUCK with the CLASS this weekend! Hope the weather holds up for Everyone!

Jo said...

What an amazing exhibit! Thanks for sharing.

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