Friday, December 01, 2017

Moving Sheep + Counting Down for the 3rd Holiday Open House

Busy week it has been. Tomorrow and Sunday are the 3rd Annual Open House here at Leyden Glen Farm. (Specifics at end of this post.) I've been making like a crazy woman - just ask my family. But before that, I helped The Farmer move the sheep out to their late autumn grazing on Eden Trail. 

The sheep know where to go - they have done it for years. But there is always lots of disorder when you are moving 200 animals on a road with cars who might be on their way to work. And then there is the temptation of fields of green grass to be sampled. Here are a few photos of the move. You can see Kate as a tiny speck. 

Kate is coming along. She isn't near the dog Nessie was but she gets stronger and smarter with each big move. She really needs more practice so this was a great opportunity for her. 

Beau and I brought up the rear. Here he is with his flock. He stays with them keeping them safe from wild things. He is such a sweet boy.  

Here are a couple of photos of the pottery I will be selling. I'll also have my books, notecards, and tea towels of my own design - this is the only place you can purchase them!, some yarn and crewel wool supplies. Julia is still making ornaments. Gail is arriving this morning with all her Kangaroo Dyer products. Deborah arrived last night with her gorgeous textiles and jewelry. And Alicia hung her fine art on the walls of the porch. It is going to be a fun event. Lots of fun and individual holiday gifts. Hope some of you can come. 

3rd Annual Holiday Open House at Leyden Glen Farm
Saturday and Sunday December 2 + 3
Hours - 10 to 4
31 Glen Road
Leyden, MA 01301
Find directions at Google under Leyden Glen Lamb.
If you are lost, ask for the Duprey Sheep Farm
or call 413-774-6514

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