Friday, January 12, 2018

Loving These Colorful Crochet Hexagons

I started a project I have been thinking about doing for a while. When working on my last book project, I discovered the versatility of the hexagon shape. I know - I know - late to the party considering all the people who have made Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts over the years - including my Gram Frieda. (I have yet to do any English Paper Piecing.) In my new book, I used the hexagon motif in several of the designs (more on that soon). 

Several years ago, I saw the movie Nanny McPhee written and directed by Emma Thomspson. Every holiday season, I re-watch it. It is a sweet story but the real joy in it for me is all the fantastic color, set design, interior scenes and the fabrics and clothing - so many of them handmade. 

Here are a couple blurry photos I took as the movie was playing. I fell in love with the afghan. Every time I watch the movie I notice something else about the colors, the art and the fabrics and costumes. 


Back to the new project. I looked through books and the web to find a hexagon stitch pattern I liked. There sure are a lot of them out there. I wanted one that looked like a granny square but with six sides. I wanted it to be easy to remember so I can knock these things out over and over without thinking. 

Here's what I have done so far. 

These are finished including weaving in the ends - 31 so far. I think I need hundreds. 

These need their ends woven in.

I'm still deciding if I want to add an extra round of crochet to the hexagons so they are a little bigger. I may do. I plan to sew them together by hand. I love to sew by hand so it won't be a chore for me. When I made my last Granny Square afghan awhile back I edged all the squares in a chocolate brown. I am contemplating having the same color go around each edge. Still deciding if I want it to have a cohesive design or an allover crazy colorful look. I'm leaning towards the crazy color. 

This project will probably take me a couple years but at least I started. I sure do have enough odds and ends of my Color By Kristin and Julia yarns to make several afghans. 

Have you made a crochet granny square afghan yet? Are you totally addicted? I found this one by blogger Erika Eckles. I think the colors are stunning. Read about her project and check out her tutorial for half hexies for the edges here.  


Sidney said...

Here is a link to cutting down on the number of tails to weave in when crocheting. I think it’s one way crocheting might have the edge on knitting!

Pammie said...

Gorgeous hexagons! I have not made a granny square blanket, but will one day. I started a mitered square blanket several years ago, like the one in Mason-Dixon knitting, striped knitted squares. I’ve made around 45 of the needed eighty. I must finish that first. But, I see one like yours in my future..

Robin said...

I have made the squares for a granny square blanket with the colors of your wonderful yarn! I’ve had the squares done for a bit. This project is on hiatus. There are still a lot of ends to work in, plus I have to sew the whole thing together. Some day! I’m glad you mentioned your book. I can’t wait for it to come out!

Lady Locust said...

That is beautiful !!! I’m afraid I have a small granny square started and will do well to finish it let alone such a beauty. I do so admire them though. I’m just better with needle and thread than with hook and yarn.

fracksmom said...

Baby blanket size, but real ones the squares are 10 x 10 or bigger. I dislike weaving in ends and sewing them together

Aren’t you in lambing season?

Auntie Shan said...

You know, there's a reason why after 40 years I have STAR WARS model kits *still* IN the cellophane... After I did my first Granny Square afghan when I was about 10 or 11, I quickly discovered a profound dislike for "ASSEMBLY-IS-REQUIRED"! And, in turn, began making blankets using an "add-on" to ONE piece methodology... Granted, there still are Tailends, but I've managed to simplify that as well!

First off, tie a single knot on your yarn end just over a half inch in. This prevent fraying. When you begin to crochet, you need only leave a 2-inch tailend. The same goes for when you end a colour row. Leave just over 2-inches, cut, put in the knot. Then double-knot those 2 tailends together.
Now, when doing the actual "weaving", lose the "needle". Take another crochet hook that's at least 2mm or 2 full sizes smaller than what you're working with. Run it through the spots that you want to run the one tailend-strand through, hook the yarn above the knot and pull through! You'll have to go in through a few stitches at a time. [Run the other one in the opposite direction.] Done correctly, the knot will secure the tail within the stitches when the square/hex is stretched out.
In the end, you SAVE on yarn, don't have to go blind threading any needles, and/or getting pricked by them!

Anyhoo, hope this method helps.
BTW, also hope that you don't chuck those cutoff yarn bits..? They're great for doing needle-felting. Or, sticking into clear Christmas bulbs... Better yet, into an envelope and sending it to me when you're done..? :-D

WHATEVER. *LOVE* the COLOURS! The finished product will without doubt be AWESOME! Can't wait!

Meanwile, hope you guys don't get too dumped on with this latest storm! The rain last night took out over half of our snow, along with some help from the temps going up to 50F! But within a few hours this afternoon, that plummeted to 10F, with snow!! :-{

Julia said...

I too love Nanny McPhee for the very same reasons! Have you seen Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang? Fast forward to the 2nd WW - more subdued, but still beautiful colours.

Brenda Harris said...

You can work in the ends as you go in both crochet and knitting. It saves a lot of time.

This is a beautiful blanket - I've added it to my future makes list. Thanks for sharing.

I love Granny McPhee for the same reason - all the beautiful handmades. Have you watched "Ballet Shoes" - it has wonderful 40's sweaters.


Adaliza said...

Lovely colours, Kristin. I've just finished a 2nd King Size corner to corner crochet blanket and have just started a granny square - not sure how big it will end up! Like you spent ages thinking about doing the same colour around the edges and have decided that I will. I'm joining as I go and each square starts off as a circle - I love that shapes can change within a square! I am totally addicted! I went to a fabric sale at the weekend and came home with more fabric (predictably) and then today I was desperately in need of some ribbon for a project so popped in to town and they had yarn at 50% off - "Do you need a bag?" asked the assistant - well YES PLEASE, I couldn't carry over a dozen balls of wool! I'll show you how I'm getting on later in the week - isn't it wonderful to be creative! Ax

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