Friday, March 16, 2018

March Snow and My Finished Scrappy Crochet Hexagon Afghan

This has been a very long winter. A few weeks ago, it hit 70 and we thought it was close to over. The maple farmers were tapping their trees and the sap was running. Sugaring season is always a sign of the coming of spring and as a country person, I always look for the signs of smoke coming from the various sugar houses around our little town. 

We have had three snowstorms over the past 2 weeks. And there is supposed to be another one next week possibly. Snow sure does make everything look pretty but it complicates farming. Mud season seems to be lasting forever - the ground has been freezing and thawing, freezing and thawing. Every time it snows, the barn gets wetter because the sheep bring the snow inside and shake or it melts. I'm not sure they mind it but the humans do. 

Here are a few photos from the latest snowstorm. The black, white and gray tones are what we have been looking at all winter. 

Maybe that is why I have had such fun working on my Scrappy Crochet Hexagon Afghan. Originally I thought the project would take a couple of years. I totally surprised myself and now it is done! The other day when it was snowing, I did a quick steam job on it and headed out for some snowy photos. Here they are.  

I love this one of it lying on top of the snow. 

I am working on the pattern and hope to be posting it here on the blog this weekend. Come back and check it out in case you have lots of odd balls of yarn just waiting for a scrappy project. 


Kerry said...

It's gorgeous - the perfect antidote for all this snow. Great job!

Lady Locust said...

It turned out beautifully!

Kodiak said...

It looks absolutely lovely Kristin! ❤️

Marlynne said...

Oh how delightful; afghan, snow and precious little building with the orange door! Yes a pattern would be great!

Auntie Shan said...

But, you need 9 more hexes on that bottom row to round off your corners. That or remove the bottom 6..?
Whatever, LOVE IT!!

Anyhoo, glad to hear that you've survived the snowmageddons! They've thankfully been literally pivoting around us here, giving us just a couple of inches of heavy sticky fudge. So I can imagine how nasty it's been for you guys with a foot worth!
Personally, I think it's all a conspiracy wrought by the ski resort people to drum up March Break business!
Stay DRY!
And WARM, there's a cold front coming through now...

adodds said...

I am not a crocheter but this has inspired me. It is truly lovely. I, too, live where the winters are long and this colorful afghan is the perfect jolt of colors. Thank you for sharing the instructions.

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