Friday, May 25, 2018

Things...... And Webs Appearance June 2nd - next Saturday

My friend Gail often uses the title "things" in her emails. This is one of those blog posts that seems like "things" is an appropriate title. 

The fine folks at Webs are hosting a Crafting A Patterned Home Book Event on Saturday June 2nd from 2-4. More information here. It is a completely free event but they like to have  people register so they know how many cookies to buy! Hope to see some of you there. It will be inside so I will have plenty of samples available for looking and will probably do a demonstration. 

My Farmer is in rough shape. All the physical work he has done over his six decades has taken a toll. He is having one of his hips replaced July 17th. We are getting prepared for the operation and his healing. Needless to say, as a farmer there is never a good time to schedule a surgery like this. I was hoping he could wait until November when things slow down a bit in the cycle of life here at our farm but he is in such pain that he can't wait. He is counting the days. It looks like the other hip needs to be replaced too. Please bear with me as we go down this surgery journey. Financially this is going to be very difficult for us. When you run your own business, there is no vacation pay or sick pay. We are looking forward -- not backward -- and Mark hopes to come out better on the other side of surgery and recovery. 

I have rescheduled the first retreat of the season. Decorative Furniture Painting and Fabric Printing will now be held on August 11/12. Check out all the classes now here. One Day Retreats have just opened up. 

Julia is done with school until next fall. She will help me take care of her Dad as he recovers. After all her time being a patient in the hospital, she is a good nurse and I will be counting on her. 

I myself am trying to re-group after all the work I have done launching my new book Crafting A Patterned Home.  I've got to make some "NEED TO DO" lists to get myself re-motivated to move on with my Creative Life while still trying to drum up some interest in the new book. There is so much to do around here in the summer. Need to get the garden tilled and then planted, continue with the Farmers Market season, plan and teach the Creative Retreats, take care of my family and try to find my Creative Self again, care for My Farmer after his surgery. Tall orders. Life throws us plenty of challenges and we must keep moving forward even if sometimes we feel like we are moving backwards. 

You can still purchase copies of Crafting A Patterned Home here on my website. I will throw in Free Shipping, some lovely Rikki Snyder photographed postcards, and a Kristin illustrated bookplate. Thanks so much for your support of our farm and family. 


Auntie Shan said...

Poor Mark! - Give him a HUG for me! - And poor you having to deal with ALL of the logistics! Actually, having the procedure done in the summer is probably better in the long run. The last thing you need is dealing with COLD ICY SNOWY WEATHER! Especially when having to travel for probable physio and such. Not to mention, trying to mend bones and muscles when it's cold and damp!
BTW, now would be a good time to start "hiring" those agricultural students looking to get some practical experience credits and/or volunteer hours in.
Anyhoo, I'm glad you mentioned the surgical date... I've made note of it and will be "thinking" of ALL you then!!
Meanwhile, hope you all have a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! And, that the weather cooperates!

sandi said...

I'm so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. Aging is a nasty bitch but thank goodness for medical technology. Here's hoping Mark heals quickly and is back out among his sheep soon.

tjf said...

So sorry your family has so much to handle right now. I hope book sales take off and I pray that your Farmer's (Mark apparently is his "real" name based on previous comments) surgery will go well and he will heal quickly and completely. Being strong and healthy will help a lot.
I am happy that your book is being featured in several ways. I hope it all helps.


Adaliza said...

Pass on my best wishes to Mark. My husband had a hip replacement and he was dreading it but just as everyone told him, there was immediate relief from the pain in his hip - it was like magic. He was on his feet and walking the following day (and he had major cardiac problems to contend with as well). The surgeons are well practised with this procedure and my uncle in his 80's had exactly the same positive experience. My friend who has 1 new hip is currently walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, just over a year after the op. Good luck to all of you - I thought it was more nerve-wracking for the family than the patient! Ax

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