Friday, June 01, 2018

Webs Tomorrow + Kim using my Mod Suzani Fabric on a Very Cool Chair

Tomorrow I will be at Webs in Northampton from 2 to 4 doing a "Book Event" for my new book Crafting A Patterned Home. I will have many of the projects from the book with me and will answer questions and share some of the techniques I have used in the book. You can sign up here but please - if you want to come and cannot figure out how to sign up - come anyway. I would love to meet you. So far, there haven't been many folks signed up. It is a tough time of year for an event with all the graduations and family things going on. But I will be there with bells on! Here is the link.

A couple of years ago, my friend Lucy introduced me to Kim and Bill Chagnon who run an upholstery business in Greenfield. Not only do they do upholstery but they also have an on-line teaching website called Kim's Upholstery. Kim is a creative dynamo and Bill is behind the scenes making the videos and more all run as smoothly as possible. They have so many fantastic videos on their YouTube channel here. They also have a Membership site to teach upholstery to anyone who wants to learn. Kim also travels the USA teaching upholstery at different locations. 

Kim and Bill are building a Community of Upholsterers and Wanna Be Upholsterers. I was fortunate to be asked to be on one of their Facebook Live videos where I demonstrated fabric printing. It was lots of fun. 

Now - I have the thrill of watching Kim upholster a beautiful chair with my Mod Suzani Linen/Cotton Fabric in the Orange colorway which you can see in my Spoonflower shop here. She painted the wood base of the chair in a chalk paint from DIY Debbie in hot pink and a second chair in turquoise. The chair is turning out fantastic. Check it out on their YouTube channel

I love that I am meeting lots of new people who do interesting things through branching out beyond the world that I am most known in. There are so many great things to learn and share with others and I feel fortunate that I have the platform here on my blog, at the Farmers Markets, and in stores such as Webs to share with others. 

Hope to see some of you tomorrow at Webs! 

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Auntie Shan said...

*GOOD LUCK* tomorrow! Hope the weather holds up!
Hot and muggy here with the likelihood of the odd downpour later perhaps..? -- I'm currently in my cooler basement trying to finish up a bulky wool toque, coincidentally, in similar tones to your fabric in the video... Must be the heat, you're beginning to wear off on me!

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