Monday, November 19, 2018

Ceramics, Snow, A New to Me Podcast

I've been busy painting ceramics...... getting ready for our 4th Annual Holiday Open House on December 1-2 here at our farm. 

While decorating, I discovered a new podcast called Food Schmooze with Faith Middleton. She has co-hosts with her each show and they talk about food and wine. They are very entertaining and have been good company as I paint more pots. Frequently there will be a cookbook author on too. The show with Ina Garten is particularly good. 

Mom and I are going to do this as they spoke about on a recent show -- Make Ahead Turkey Gravy. It always seems that noone wants to make the gravy for the turkey once it is all ready. Looks like a stellar idea.

If you are new to podcasts, I highly suggest downloading the Stitcher App on your phone or tablet. It is easy to navigate and you can add new shows and take away easily from your Favorites. Check it out. 

We have had our first snow. I will admit - I am not ready for winter to begin. I'm okay with snow in January but November is too early. Many of the sheep are still out to pasture and they dig through the snow to eat the grass. They are also being fed big round bales of hay. 

Next week, the sheep will be moving to the winter barns. The shearers are coming. I am begging out this year because I have my Open House the same week and I do not have an inch of time to spare. Hopefully The Farmer will find some people to help and the place will not be a complete disaster to clean up. Fingers crossed on that. 

He is doing a little better. He drove the tractor for the first time in months and was able to bring a bale of hay from a field to the barns. Yesterday he helped me feed hay and this morning he said he doesn't hurt too bad and thinks he can do a little more. Physical therapy is going good for him. He loves getting out and feeling like he is making a little progress. 

Hope you are staying sane during the holiday run-up. My thoughts are with all the folks in California who have lost their homes. I cannot imagine how awful that must be. So sad. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all if I don't get here again before. 


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the Stitcher recommendation! I needed that.--Louise

Robin said...

I'm so glad Mark is feeling progress. What a long road his recovery has been.

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