Friday, June 21, 2019

Mom's Couch and New Surface Designs

My Mom has been repairing her screened in porch and wanted to update the cushions on her wicker furniture. She asked me if I would re-color one of my designs more to her taste. I did. I did 4 versions for her. 

She chose the gold background and I ordered it for her. My sister Nancy - who is a very talented seamstress - sewed the cotton/linen canvas into cushions for her. Here is how it looks. 

The Birds, Flowers, and Bugs surface design is available to anyone over on my Spoonflower shop. The design can be printed on over 25 different fabrics. Spoonflower also has changed their website some and you may find it easier to navigate. I just noticed that when I go to a listing, besides the fabric sample, they also show each surface design on some of the Roostery products that they produce. Here are some screenshots of a blanket, pillow and duvet cover. 

It is such a cool concept that my designs can be digitally printed and made into products. Unfortunately, it is really hard for someone to find me on Spoonflower unless they have a direct link to my "Spoonflower Shop". There are so many designs and designers, I am just a little blip in the world. C'est la vie. 

I think it is great that Spoonflower has started "Roostery" - their finished product division. That way, folks who don't sew or don't have the time to sew can still purchase independent surface designer's work on pre-made textile products. Find my designs on Roostery here


Nanci said...

That is a beautiful design for her cushions. Love the colors!

Nan said...

Just beautiful fabric! Such a talented sister you have. How did the hip surgery go?

Beth in Maryland said...

Wow, that is spectacular! thanks for letting us know about Spoonflower and for the good update on the hip surgery. Rooting for a quick recovery!

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