Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sunflower Season 2019 at the Farm

The sunflowers I planted in late June and early to mid July are at their peak right now. I planted over a span of 3 weeks and even though each variety has different days to bloom, it always seems they bloom all at once. 

Their beauty is quite overwhelming. The color and vibrancy, the seed heads as they mature, the insects that they feed, the tall stalks that grow from a single tiny seed about 1/2" long - it is all too much to take. Add to it the gorgeous blue sky that the yellow, orange and red sunflowers are set against and it is over the top gorgeousness. For all you color people, that is the magic of complementary color combinations! 

For all you gardeners, I purchase my seeds from Sunflower Selections in California and Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine. I prefer branching varieties because I get more blooms from a plant. I do grow a few of the single stem varieties which you will find in supermarkets. They ship better and last a long time - something that professional growers need. The plants are not nearly as charming though. 

I wish you were here to take it all in but since you aren't, I will share some of the beautiful blooms in the fresh - almost fall - clear and crisp air. Last night, a frost could have befelled it all but the blooms made it through. 


LannieK said...

Oh wow, Kristin ~ They are so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing them. I really enjoy sunflowers, think I live at too high of an altitude to grow them ~

Radka said...

What a sunflower show! :-)

mascanlon said...

So beautiful! Wish I could drive by and see them waving in the breeze.

ThiftedBliss said...


Eliza said...

Very very Beautiful flowers. love it . Thanks.

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