Friday, January 17, 2020

#100DayProject - What will yours be?

I'm trying to decide upon another 100 day project for 2020. It will hold me accountable to my ceramics work or whatever and help me to keep moving forward. There is something about making a statement to the world - even if it is to my following on Instagram - most of the people who I do not personally know.

There is an official 100 day project which you can learn more about HERE. From what I see, the official project begins April 7, 2020. Check it out if you want to stretch your creativity and take on a project such as this. There is another 100 Day Project that begins January 22nd and ends April 30th. You can see that site HERE

I don't think it is necessary to belong to either of these projects - you can begin a 100 day project of your own anytime - that's what I did. I gave my project its own tag #100daysofvases and now I (and anyone) can look at that project on Instagram. It's incredible to look back to see what I accomplished. 

It's a big commitment and maybe you don't have time for it. You could also do a 30 Day Project and see how that goes. Let me know if you do one so I can follow along. 

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