Friday, January 31, 2020

Magnificent Mittens from The World Knits Collection

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Number 7 from The World Knits Collection - Magnificent Mittens.

Mittens are on every knitters bucket list and chances are you have made a few pairs - as have I. For this design, I wanted to offer two different versions sized for from babies to adults. After I wrote the patterns, I had no shortage of volunteers to make samples. Some of my sample knitters even made more than one pair as you can see on the photo above. 

The easier pattern begins with a border edging (there are many to choose from). After the edging/ribbing, the main part of the body is worked in stripes of Fair Isle designs. The thumb is worked as an "afterthought" thumb. Tip shaping is worked in a simple spiral method. This project is excellent for learning how to mix colors and patterns together. You can see many striped Fair Isle mittens in the following two photos. If you are a beginning mitten knitter, begin with this design.

The second mitten design follows a chart and features a pointed tip. This type of mitten is a common mitten shape in Norwegian and Scandinavian countries. Instead of the typical "snowflake" motif that are commonly seen on those northern mittens, I designed charts with a funkier vibe. Charts include a fish, flowers, cats, dogs, bird, leaf, and even a pre-Columbian doll. The graphed charts fit right into the shape of the mitten. There is a colorwork stripe at either side of the mitten and the shaping occurs at this point at the mitten tip. 

Both these mittens are a fun knit. There are sizes from baby to adults. I have included extra empty graph charts so that you can design your own charts. Although you may feel intimidated about designing your own charts, don't be. There is no penalty in trying and you may find you have a talent you didn't know about. There are also embroidery stitches given so that you can further decorate your mittens. 

When we were setting up the photo for the Magnificent Mittens, we were challenged by the shear number of mittens we had to show. We were shooting in the countryside so we built a scarecrow to use as a prop for holding all the mittens on strings. The scarecrow is wearing one of the hats from the Moroccan Fedora pattern. 

I hope you will give these mittens a try. Because there are 6 different sizes, you will have plenty of charts to experiment with and people to knit for. 

Available on my website here
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If you want to keep the pattern in your Ravelry Pattern Library, make sure you order via my Ravelry Store (not my own website). 

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