Saturday, February 08, 2020

Whimsical Tea Cozies from The World Knits Collection

Available on my website here
and on Ravelry here

It's the weekend! Here we are at Number 11 of the World Knits Collection. It's my pattern for Tea Cozies, French Press Coffee Cozies, and more. 

Old fashioned as they may be knitted tea cozies can be a real conversation starter. Bring a pot of tea to a table dressed in a knitted cozy and see what your guests say. This tea cozy pattern comes in many sizes to fit many teapots.

Also included in the pattern is a French Press Coffee Cozy in the three common sizes of Bodum pots. 

There is also a knitted trivet that can be used as a pot holder or a trivet to protect your table from the heat of the teapot. 

And because I was dressing up kitchen objects, there is also a pattern to cover a square tea tin. 

As with all the World Knits Collection patterns, there are lots of charts so that you can customize your project to fit your own decor. My favorite chart is the Sunflower Tea Cozy shown on the right. The top of the cozy is a flower with leaves on the main part of the cozy. Bobbles decorate the ridges. 
Available on my website here
and on Ravelry here

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