Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Two More Hexagon Afghans and Winter Restoration

I'm still in restoration mode as I call it. In the winter cold (and it has been cold this winter), I hunker down, try to keep warm (the woodstove helps), do a lot of reading and perusing of my book collection, cook some very nice meals and help out with the lambing when needed. We are used to the cold here in western Massachusetts. I really felt for the folks in Texas who struggled with the cold, snow, and lack of electricity and water. 

The days are getting longer each and every day. It has been very, very gray. We have had a lot of storms of sorts - mostly snow but not as much as in other parts of the the Northeastern US. The hills are about to come alive with "sugaring season." I can feel spring coming!

I can also feel the energy for creating coming back after its winter slumber. I've finished (!!!!!!) two hexagon afghans from the free pattern you can find on this blog here. Crochet hexagons are one of those carry along projects I take with me to meetings (when there were meetings), appointments, and the farmers market so that my hands have something to do while I am listening and watching. Evidently I have spent a lot of hours listening and watching because I had enough hexagons for two afghans (272 hexies each) and and extra 238 hexies for a start (and almost finish) on a third afghan. Not sure if I will get to sewing the third together this winter. Here are the piles of hexies I've got made for the next one. 

I've sorted all the hexies into color piles. When I am sewing the afghans together, I use the outer ring of the hexie to determine the color. I attach complementary colors next to each other so the colors pop and vibrate. I use the outer yarn color to sew them together when possible and the seam kind of disappears into the piece. 

I know a lot of folks like to crochet their pieces together. I've never done that because I'm not much of a crocheter. And I actually love the process of sewing the pieces together with a blunt pointed tapestry needle. I find it meditative and soothing. 

Our small hilltown recently got high speed internet service. It took years and years of planning for it to happen and I am so thankful to the townspeople who served on the committees to make it happen. It has been a game changer since we now can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime without buffering. Julia has got the television hooked up with all kinds of features that I don't know how to use. There is a mass of cables on the floor that is a serious eyesore. I try to not look at it but once in a while I sort it all out. And then it gets tangled again. 

A movie we watched recently is the 2015 Icelandic movie Rams. The cinematography is beautiful. This is not a feel good movie but a "makes me think" movie. In fact, I'm still thinking about it. There is an Australian remake of the movie out in 2020 with Sam Neill but I can't imagine it could be as poignant as the original version. Here is the trailer. 

Hope you are well. If you are looking for winter lambing photos, follow me on Instagram HERE. 


Michele in Maine said...

Sounds like an interesting movie to check out, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the hexagon "granny" instructions. I like to keep the fingers moving in the summer here and it is so very hot that you really don't want a huge thing in your lap.

emily said...

Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.

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