Monday, March 27, 2006

David Hockney Portrait Show at Boston's MFA

When I teach classes on designing knitwear, frequently students ask how I get my ideas. As with most artists and designers, I am continually looking at other artist's works along with magazines, fabrics, nature, art books, and more. Once in awhile, I will even adventure somewhere to "become inspired." A few weeks ago that was the case. I was lucky enough to go with my sister and brother-in-law Laurie and Bruce to the David Hockney Portrait Exhibit at the MFA in Boston. The MFA exhibit shows over 100 of Hockney's portraits. What I really enjoyed was seeing that he began his work as an artist when he was very young. There are several self-portraits he did as a teenager (before he went to any art school). The exhibit is really large, diverse (there's lots of collage, photography, watercolor, oils - big and small, things you have seen before and things you haven't).

All I can say is - "boy can this guy paint!" Look at this link to see some of the images if you can't get to Boston. The show will also be in LA at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (June 11 – September 4, 2006) and then in London at the National Portrait Gallery, London (October 12, 2006 – January 21, 2007) if you are lucky enough to be in either of those places.

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