Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ordering Chickens

Those of you who have followed my work, know I have a thing about chickens. In my latest book Colorful Stitchery I even designed an egg cosy for a soft-boiled egg. That’s the picture here – more about that later.

It is springtime and that means, it is time to visit the local feed store to order my chicks. Every year I replenish our henhouse – over the year, things happen – old girls pass on during a heatwave or extreme cold or “wild things” ravage the population late at night while we’re in dreamland. I ordered 12 chickens Friday – 7 araucanas (the famous “Martha” chickens that lay colored eggs – no she didn’t invent them but she certainly did let the world know about them) and 5 Buff Orpintons (docile butterscotch colored big girls who lay brown eggs). They arrive May 15th! I can’t wait.

I have raised chickens since 1988 when I lived in my little pink house in Pepperell. I love chickens – their feathers, the colors of their plummage, their funny strut, the way they peck around the garden looking for something interesting to eat. I even keep a couple roosters – their antics are humorous – there is always some kind of hullabaloo going on and some mighty masculine crowing. When the windows are open, they truly are a great alarm clock although 4:30 a.m. is a bit early. And you know that term “pecking order” – it really is true! There is definitely a top girl and boy in our henhouse.

To learn more about raising chickens, click here.
To order by mail, I have luck with the Murray McMurray Hatchery.

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