Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Project Alabama Embroidery

Project Alabama is a high end clothing company selling embroidered clothing through stores the likes of Barney's in NYC and Brown's in London. Most of the clothing is made out of recycled tee-shirts by a cottage industry from Alabama. It sounds to me like a 21st century Gee's Bend type commercial collaboration between stitchers and fashion. (At one time the quilter's of Gee's Bend made quilts for Sears. This I learned by visiting the MFA in Boston twice to see those amazing quilts. I couldn't get enough of them.)

The interesting part of this whole story for me is that they are using embroidery and quilting techniques to make some pretty pricey, high-end designer clothing. Prices range from $400 to $2500 and they are often on the fashion pages of Vogue, The New York Times, Bazaar and more. The photos here of recent collections are from their website. It's worth a look around - they have a journal, photos of the actual stitchers, and lots of ideas for we crafty folks.

Rumour has it they have a book in the works for Fall 2007 with STC showcasing their techniques, ideas, and tales of adventure in the high end clothing world.

Me? I'm just happy someone is bringing embroidery to the forefront of fashion. Maybe one of my favorite crafts - embroidery - will take off yet and it will be as "hip to stitch" as it is "hip to knit."

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suzanne said...

wow! this looks really amazing - can't wait to see their book.Thanks for the info.