Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The kittens are growing up!

The kittens are growing so quickly. They should be ready to leave our farm on July 11th when they are eight weeks old. For the past week, they have just been cute beyond words. So playful with each other - tumbling, dive-bombing, ambushing. It's hard to get a good photo anymore because they are quick. They are eating solid food and exploring the stairways.

We have found a home for the fluffy black kittie with the white spot - she/he (not sure) is going to live with our friend Deborah across town. She's a textile collector and scholar so at least I know the kittie will be surrounded by beautiful things and loved like crazy. Her name will be either Maya or Maxx. I've made a sign to take down the our vet's office and I will keep my fingers crossed that the other little kittie we call Flora will find a good home.

Julia is keeping the little tiger cat with the white mittens and white patched face and chest. She is a real looker. Her name is Zoe Sophia (although she may be a he and if he is a he, he will be Mr. Zoe Sophia). As you can see, she is extremely friendly and lovable. We named her after a favorite children's book character named Zoe Sophia.

There are two Zoe Sophia delightful children's books written and illustrated by Claudia Mauner and Elisa Smalley - Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook - An Adventure in Venice and Zoe Sophia in New York - The Mystery of the Pink Phoenix Papers . The illustrations are wonderfully colorful and the heroine wears glasses like Julia and some super cute striped tights. In the first book, Zoe Sophia goes to visit her great aunt Dorothy Pomander, a writer who lives in Venice. She takes her dog Mickey who promptly gets lost amongst the canals of Venice. I visited Venice once and the illustrations really brought me back there. Every little girl should have a woman in her life as zany as Dorothy Pomander. If you've got kids, I highly recommend these books. The authors' website is nice too. There is actually a real little girl named Zoe Sophia - she is Claudia's daughter. Now, if you were her, wouldn't you be thrilled to have books written about you?

If you're not a cat person, sorry about all the cat talk - I promise, I'll move on to another animal soon!


Chef Messy said...

Awww, I would love to live somewhere that we could have cats! I'm such a cat lover, but both of the boys are allergic. We got a "porch kitty" but he's a big independent Tom, and we don't see much of him.

Love the kitten pics!

Anonymous said...

Before you stop with the cats totally, you really need to feature Boo3 -- the most versatile cat of the bunch!

Ferris (like in wheel)

Kim said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I enjoy the serenity and inspiration of your blog. Thank you for sharing. Kim

B. said...

Yes, a real looker. And the kitten is cute too.

Alicia P. said...

Cats, sometimes, but kittens -- NEVER enough kitten talk! Those pictures are amazing.

Elizabeth said...

Your tabby kitten looks so much like mine.Check it out. I don't mind the kitten talk, I'm guilty of that myself lately.