Sunday, June 04, 2006

What's Next

As if we don't have enough projects to tackle, The Farmer has decided that his never-ending battle with the wild roses that pop up all over this place needs more attention. His main attack is the sheep and his bush-hog which is powered by the tractor. After a field is grazed, he drives over the field and cuts back any plant that the sheep haven't been able to eat. Pure dessimation. It's a guy thing. When we moved here, our fields were covered with brambles and wild roses. Now, between him and the sheep they are lush and easy to walk through. I admit, it's much nicer now.

For years he has been thinking about getting the overgrown orchard in control so that the sheep can properly graze it. Problem is, there are wild roses and brambles all through the undergrowth of the old apple trees and the sheep won't eat them. Enter the ....... Boer Goat. Yikes. Another type of critter to curtail. Needless to say, off we went Sunday afternoon to look at some mommas and kids. Very cute. We are still negotiating.

After we looked at the goats, we went on a little ride along the river and I found a tree with these wonderful fungi growing on the side of them. I couldn't help but think they would be a great place for Fairies to play and jump - especially the WeeFolks from Salley Mavor. Salley is a wonderfully talented textile artist working in felt, yarn, and threads. She has illustrated many books with her textile pictures. She even has a wonderful how-to book called Felt Wee Folk and sells Fairie kits on her website. These books and kits would make wonderful summer projects for children. Since we aren't too far from "summer vacation" it's never too soon to start getting prepared with busy projects.

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Alicia P. said...

I can never understand how things that look so cute can eat things that look so nasty, but it seems, in this case, that's a good thing. Good luck!