Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hearts for the Holidays

I’ve added my first new project to the Stitchalong. Julia was home sick with a cough and a fever for the past five days. I had to find something to do so I wouldn’t go crazy so I made some little hearts for all of Julia’s special teachers. The plan was to have her help me sew them but she really wasn’t feeling well. Besides, sewing really isn’t her strong-point at this time. We sat on the couch and I sewed and she watched and worked on the teacher list which seems to have grown to exponential proportions. Hop on over to The Stitchalong to see more.

If you are having trouble joining the Stitchalong list, please re-email me. The learning curve is high with me and technology. It seems that I should not have put multiple people on the invites and some people are having trouble getting on.


Kathleen C. said...

I saw your designs in a recent magazine (was it Budget Decorating maybe?). Great dotted teacozy and linens. Congratulations! They're from the book, so a project inspired by these be okay for the stitchalong right?
And thank you for re-issuing those gorgeous pillow patterns. I'll be downloading them next payday! Although they'll have to wait until after Christmas for knitting.

Kristin said...

The idea for the Stitchalong is to use my books as an inspiration but let your own style come through. I can't wait to see what people come up with.

Sara in WI said...

Loove the hearts! As a retired teacher, they are gifts that I would treasure!