Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Knitting has invaded popular culture

Suffice it to say, knitting is everywhere. I opened up the Sunday NY Times yesterday and there on the cover of The Book Review was an illustration of part of a sweater with duplicate stitch words. For industry veterans like myself, it still continues to amaze me how knitting keeps going. In shelter magazines, balls of yarn and needles are chosen styling accessories. Actresses on t.v. are seen with project in hands. Julia Roberts will be producing and starring in a movie called The Knitting Club based on an upcoming novel by Kate Jacobs. I say "keep it up" media - it helps us all! We welcome all new knitters with open arms!

Here's the link to Marian Bantjes site who illustrated the cover and more spot art inside (there are extra illustrations on her site). She says in an aside that creating the artwork was tedious. Hey Marian, I can feel your pain - I have spent hours working on an Adobe Illustrator sweater chart. It's not a piece of cake. And barely are we ever considered "artists" - we're just tech illustrators.

Nice to know we chart builders in the needlework industry are appreciated by graphic designers.


ina and gumby said...

kristin ... that was the first thing that struck me about the cover of the book review ... hey ... it's a sweater with duplicate stitch embroidery ... yup ... all this wonderful fiber knitting stitching stuff keeps surrounding us in small and tall ways ... onward and upward i say ... there's much to be done and taught and uncovered ... thanks for the insight and gorgeous posts always ... from a "jersey" girl ... actually i think i know your sister from the days at the knitting store in denville ... happy days ...

AmyArtisan said...

"The Friday Night Knitting Club" is indeed a great read - I received an advance copy & had it finished in no time. Looking forward to seeing the movie of it! :)