Thursday, February 22, 2007

Birds, birds, and more birds

Last week I was at one of my favorite stores in the world – Essentials in Northampton, Massachusetts. The store isn’t big by any means but they have a great mix of products – stuff for the kitchen, notecards and wrapping paper, rubber stamps, kids clothes, a esoteric selection of books including craft and cookbooks, beautiful upholstered furniture, custom invitations, and way more. It has a spacious, airy feeling and the merchandise mix changes frequently so there is always something new to look at. A couple years ago, I taught a couple embroidery classes there. Their clientelle is of all ages and the people who work there are so warm and friendly. It’s hard to leave without buying something.

I ran into Colette the manager – I love to talk with her because she is witty, funny and has a great eye for trends both current and upcoming. She’s the one who set up my embroidery class and she frequently does craft classes of her own. She's very nice to my daughter Julia too. I mentioned to her that I felt like everything I was seeing lately was beginning to look the same. It’s beginning to baffle me – perhaps I just shop and look at stores and magazines that all are featuring the same darn aesthetic. I’m becoming a bit bored with it all. If I see one more white kitchen with stainless steel appliances I think I am going to lose it.

The conversation turned to the little bird motif that is just darn everywhere. I asked her what it was with the birds? I mean, yes, they are cute – but do they have to be on everything? She told me that whatever they bring in with a bird on it flies out the door immediately and she doesn’t see the trend stopping. So should I give in and design an embroidered pillow with a little bird on it? Should I write a book on knitting birds? Just joking.

A few days later this flock of birds was in our yard at sunset. They kept flying up and scattering, then landing again in a neighboring tree. There were hundreds of them. The light was just lovely giving them an almost golden glow. I think I will just stick to looking at the birds outside for awhile. I've got too much other stuff to do anyway.

What’s the next trend? Anyone want to guess?


lyssa said...

I just found your blog (via the Knitting Curmudgeon) and just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading it. Thank you for the lovely posts.

kate said...

...Looked at Essentials- nice! They have Tinitin- our kids grew up on Tintin, and now my 18 month old grandson loves him, too- will sit on my lap and look at a whole book.

Next theme- how about sheep?

Kathleen C. said...

A few years ago I lived in neighborhood where, every evening, huge flocks of little black birds would wheel and turn in the sky, settling here or there, then take off again en mass.
One evening they chose to light in the small bamboo grove in back of my apartment. A wooshing of wings and the 30' tall stalks were bent over almost touching the ground... then woosh! and they were off again, the stalks whipping up and swaying. Wooshing and whipping and swooshing and swaying for almost a half hour... oh, it was lovely.

I've never seen a bird motif that could capture that moment. I would definitely knit or embroider or stencil or whatever if it did!

Mary Ann said...

Maybe its time for the rainbow motif to make a big in the 70's and I still have my daughters bedding tucked away for stuffed and pillows some day for her children. I'd do a bird motif in a the black sweet bluebirds.

Patricia said...

Might be cats--the next big thing


LeeAnn said...

Starlings are not a welcome trend on our farm!

But I totally get the whole bird thing. I am a sheep in the crowd with it comes with this trend. Especially cute fat chickadees! Or indigo bunting birds. They are my favorite, but they are not on any crafts. It's a shame because they are so beautiful.

Christine Thresh said...

There is a lovely little quilted bird on Terry Grant's blog.

Kelly said...

I think the bird thing is related to how happy and hopeful birds are. People are worried about war and the economy so they're looking for happy and hopeful? trend: similar screen print type graphic style but dogs.

PG said...

Birds are a perennial favourite, I think - but maybe it's time for fish to get a look in...I like fish!

Anonymous said...

I like the cat idea. Maybe you should do a story on the big black cat that lives at your house. His life has been pretty exciting.