Friday, February 23, 2007

Soup in the Mail

Yesterday in the mail, Julia received these 3 cans of soup from our artist friends George Singley and Yola Shashaty from NYC. It was a late Christmas gift. What a funny gift you say, for an eight year old? But our friends think outside the box - Julia loved the bright colors although she wished it was "chicken noodle." I was happy because it has "show and tell" potential which is always a weekly stretch for me.

How appropriate that the soup arrived on the 20th anniversary of Andy Warhol's death. Before Andy Warhol became famous for "pop art" he worked as a very successful graphic designer and illustrator. His technical skill as an illlustrator was amazing. It seems he did very well financially and was incredibly sought after for his illustrations. Just recently his earlier work has been featured on cards, calendars and more. For Christmas, Julia bought me an Andy Warhol "shoe" calendar. The girl has got razor sharp shopping skills telling her dad that Mommy just had to have this. It is a really cheerful and glittery calendar and I love the fact that she picked it out specially for me.

Last fall, Julia and I watched two night special on PBS about Andy Warhol on (as I recall) American Experience. It was fascinating to see where he came from (Pittsburgh immigrant family) and where his talents took him (world wide fame). Although perhaps things got out of control (it was the times), he had such talent --- movie making, silk-screening... the list goes on and on. Recently at the local Brattleboro Museum of Art, there was a great Warhol show that we visited a couple times.

Our recent fascination with Andy has been fueled by a kid's book called Uncle Andy's which I bought for Julia. It is written and illustrated by his nephew James Warhola and it chronicles the trips that James and his six brothers and sisters, mom and dad took to visit Uncle Andy in the big city of NY. The memories that the man had are wonderful as are his colorful paintings. It's amazing how much positive influence an older aunt, uncle or friend can have on a young child. James turned his talents and his uncle's encouragement into his own career as a children's book illustrator. Wouldn't Uncle Andy be proud?


Joy said...

About 10 years ago, I purchased a coloring book with drawings by Andy Warhol. "For children of all ages" according to its outer envelope. The pictures are of whimsical animals and the pages are 16"x20". I have colored or painted only a few of the pages. The drawings are so exceptional, the color seems to get in the way.

Monica said...

I was in NYC in December and saw the holiday windows at Barney's. It was a Warhol extravaganza! So fantastic that my husband and I spent almost an hour in front of them examining all the details. Andy would have loved it!

laurie said...

great, colorful post and love the book! i had hear they were bringing out some special edition soup cans. would love to get my hands on a few too. have you see them anywhere else?
this post fits in so perfect with your stitching color themes...hum...any inspiration here for you?

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi have just come across your blog, it really is wonderful to read through the posts. Those little lambs are just adorable and love the lamb with the little heart.

will return soon.
best wishes Ginny