Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Photo Shoot Land

I've been seeing a lot of this mountain this week driving up and over the Berkshire Mountain Range to get to the locations where my new book is being photographed.

I go back and forth through Florida. Florida, Massachusetts that is.

The snow has been lovely and totally unexpected.

Kevin Kennefick is the photographer, Sherry is his assistant (and sometimes model), and Cindy McFarland is the Book Designer/Art Director. So far, there have been nine models of many ages. They have all been happy and totally cooperative.

The lovely, ever helpful Gwen Steege is my editor. Here she is knitting a part of a mitten for a prop.

More coming tomorrow or Friday.


Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Putting together a knitting book - more work than I would have thought, but what fun! I will watch for the photo taken against the lovely old fence!

el zed said...

I do so enjoy your blog - love the snowy pics, and all your lamby-sheepy news. Thank you so much!
(From Lesley in San Diego)

Joanne said...

How wonderful to include us in your photo shoot! Thank you. It's also great to see a photo of Gwen. I've spoken with her on the phone and always wondered what she looked like..

Beth said...

I used to live in Williamstown and love your photos of western Massachusetts. I've passed that Florida sign many times! I've now traded mud season for the glory of early spring in North Carolina but love to visit the Berkshires and my daughter in Hoosick Falls, NY. I'm a novice knitter and feel so inspired when I read your blog. Also love reading about sheep farm life. Thanks.