Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2007

In South Boston, Massachusetts, the Irish immigrants celebrate their heritage with an old-fashioned parade which passes right through the charming neighborhood streets. The route is lined with families young and old. Julia and I have been lucky to spend the last five St. Patrick's Day Parades with the Payson and Hickey families along with all their friends.

These are the famous Hickey sisters - Nancy, Helen, and Ruthie - all now in their 70's and 80's but still celebrating the wearing of the green. (There were nine children in all.) Ruthie is Mom to our good friend Cathy Payson (the knitwear designer). Don't you love their handknit scarves and mittens?

The Irish love of family, tradition, kindness and general all-around good nature continue to overwhelm me.

I love the old-fashioned feeling I experience as the parade marches by. Being a knitter and textile enthusiastist, I am always drawn to the knits, crochets and fabrics I see every year. Here's a bit of the textile show.


Anonymous said...

Loved the textile show in everyday life thanks!

Marcy said...

The Hickey sisters sure do know how to enjoy themselves, don't they? :D

How many events can you go to where sweaters are almost a uniform. Love it!

deedledumpling said...

Blarney!! I just love the tartans and the knee socks. I wore a woven shawl my sister brought me from Ireland a few years ago. It was so yummy feeling. In fact I may post it own my blog today. Thanks deedledumpling.

Peg said...

Wonderful pictures! Love those Hickey sisters. Bet they had a good glass of Guiness after the parade!
Jo of Celtic Memory Yarns can tell you that you can find lots of Irish knitted sweaters, etc. in Ireland now, but finding yarn is not easy at all!
My last St. Patty's Day parade was in Montreal, Quebec and they have painted the lines in the street green and it was cold too, as it looked to be in your photos!

knittingiris said...

DH's family comes from Ireland way back so that is JUST the type of St. Pat's Day celebration we were hoping to attend this year. Unfortunately, we were stuck in the Newark airport rather than looking for a parade in Seattle where we were supposed to have been.
I did see one older gentleman in the airport in his aran sweater and tam, though.
My mom made corned beef and cabbage with potatoes for us on Sunday when we finally got to Seattle, which, as a Norwegian, is about as against her own nature as you could possibly get.
Thanks for the virtual parade of textiles!