Monday, March 12, 2007

Winter Sunflowers

There is a certain stillness you feel in the winter. The cold makes you not want to move about – just to watch around you and stay warm. But you know that outside in the fresh air, other stuff is happening. The winter weather does things to nature – it slows it down to a slow crawl. But inside nature, things are still happening. Lambs are being born. Maple tree sap is beginning to flow. Leaves and blooms are starting to bud. Ideas are being hatched. Everyone is looking forward to what will come in the spring and then summer.

I’m feeling it too. It was so windy and cold the other day but I knew it was one of the last beautiful days of winter – when I really needed my wool coat, knit hat and scarf, and gloves. I love the feeling of being warm outdoors when everything else if cold. I stopped by the sunflower field and crunched around on top of the snow.

There were long sunflower shadows.

There were dried seed heads that fed the birds this winter.

There were hundreds of stalks that are dry and crisp and ready to shatter once the tractor plows through. The stalks will disappear into the soil to nurture the new shoots and blooms.

It’s good to know that everything comes around again – flowers, animals, fashion – nothing is ever over – it just gets re-cycled.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Makes me wish I was there.
Punkin in Oregon

PG said...

I can't wait to see more photos ofyour sunflower field when it is blooming. I am amazed at your winter, over here it is just spring, with daffodils and birds and frogspawn.

LeeAnn said...

I have been seeing beautiful photo's of spring popping up on these blogs, but I am glad you are posting pictures of a landscape much like my own.

However, all our snow disappeared yesterday.

Peg said...

I am so pleased to see you leave the stocks of the sunflowers in the ground all winter. We lived on the Canadian prairies and the farmers plowed the fields in fall! Many days in Winnipeg, if there were a dry spring, we saw Saskatchewan in the air above us and knew that someone's field was being stripped of its soil! Besides, they make such wonderful shadows and I am sure there is the odd seed or two for the jays and chickadees!

Jo in Boston said...

Did most of your snow disappear this weekend like ours did or is it holding on a little longer out west?

martha said...

I'm enjoying your pictures and sensitive, poetic descriptions of the season from the warmth of sunny Southern California. I grew up in "that weather" and miss it only for a few minutes when you capture and share the beauty.