Wednesday, June 13, 2007


When I think of stripes, I usually think of neat and orderly lines, of like sizes, repeated in a pattern to make a fabric. Sometimes the line sizes vary but they are usually in a pattern of some kind. Lately I have been seeing stripes of a different kind - stripes in nature.

Stripes in the green spring landscape

Stripes on the baby raccoon tails

Undulating stripes on the Jack in the Pulpit

Broken shadow stripes on a leaf from the fern above

Stripes on the chipmunk's back

The stripes I have encountered in nature have made me think about the stripes I make in my knitting. Usually, but not always, they are even and ordered. Usually they repeat, although not always tightly and neatly. Here are some new little stripes I have been fooling with - inspired by the stripes on the creatures and green things I have been observing the past couple weeks as spring unfolds around me. Right now they are just little bits of swatches and ideas. I don't know where they will turn up but it has been fun playing with them.

These stripes were inspired by the chipmunk and the raccoons:

These stripes were inspired by the forest stripes. I was playing with textures and greens, aquas, and brownish greens.

Like with everything I do, some were successful swatches but some weren't. My swatches are a good record that I refer back to over and over again.


Chicken Betty said...

Ooo, pair a couple of those with some pf the lilac swatches and you'd have a pretty interesting wearable record of the Spring of '07. I love that you go for the yarn when contemplating color - I scramble to find crayons ;)

chrisknitz said...

The landscape photo reminds me of short row shapes. I took a class that explored how to change colors in a short row pattern. Natalie Wilson of Iknitiative does some bags and sweaters in the technique.

Lisa W said...

Lovely photos. I like your forest stripe swatches.

Felicia said...

Delightful stripes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so impressed with you Kristen! To read about what gives you inspiration and how it relates to your art and landscape and animals and the world around you... WOW! Thanks for the insight.AND the gorgeous samples/examples

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