Monday, September 24, 2007

About to be Busy

I am about to be very busy. I knew it was going to happen and I have been looking forward to it. I didn't want to think too much about it because we were trying to get through summer, sunflowers (which aren't over yet) and Julia's surgery.

I've heard it from the publicity people over at Storey that yes, Kristin Knits will be shipping from their warehouse on October 10th. (As you and I know, stuff happens so keep posted to this blog, for the actual date, in case it is different.)

Way back when, I wrote about the different steps to making a book -- here and here and here and here. It all seems so long ago.... But it does seem that yes, there really will be a hardcover book and within three weeks.

I'm going on the road to promote it a bit. You can see the schedule so far at the left on my blog. I know there will be other events and classes added, mostly in New England, but this is it for this moment in time.

In addition, you can now order Kristin Knits from me directly via my website. There is a link on this page for my order form. If this all seems to cumbersome to you (I have to then send you an invoice to pay on paypal), just send me $24.95 plus $4.99 shipping and handling - to total $29.94. My paypal account is knATkristinnicholasDOTcom. I'll send you the book just as soon as I receive it. Make sure you include your mailing address and the name you want the book signed to (otherwise I will just sign it generically). Keep checking my blog to see when I am shipping!
Remember, it won't be for at least three weeks.

You can also order via snail mail with my printable order form. My PO Box is on the Order Form.

I will also ship overseas gladly. This will take another step though - me (and Julia) going to the post office (after school) to calculate the extra overseas postage. For international orders, please specify surface or air mail and don't send me any money via paypal, wait until I have figured the extra postage. I will send a Paypal invoice to you.

As you have probably gleaned from this here blog, making money as a craft book author is not easy, nor very profitable. My family and I appreciate every order we get for each and every book! Thanks!

Here's a sneak peek of a really cute pair of fingerless gloves that are in the book. Everyone I show these gloves to just loves them. Check out the "Books" page on my website - there are some more "sneak peeks" there too!


Willow said...

This is the post I've been waiting for! Yeah!

wyldthang said...

Hi Kristen! I just wanted to say the photo of you on the cover is way cute! Can't wait to see your book! Celeste P

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Oh, that is just wonderful news. I love your use of color. I especially adore the embroidered items.

I'll be at Stitches visiting, and at Rhinebeck teaching. We don't teach on Sunday there, so maybe I can get by your signing and say hello. Would just love to meet you after following your work and your blog for this long.

Congratulations again on the book. What a big accomplishment a book is!!!

Patricia said...

will you be signing the book at Stitches East?


Felicia said...

Congratulations! Love those fingerless gloves :)

Meg McElwee said...

Whoopee!! I'll be ordering mine around Christmas time!

Penny said...

Yay! I hope I can meet you at Rhinebeck (and buy a book). {hugs} to everyone (hope julia is healing quickly and well) and those are awesome gloves. :)

You have inspired me to say "yes" to my husband for putting some colour into our kitchen and my knitting. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! the book looks 9 year just asked me to make her the figerlass gloves..i (we) can hardly wait for my copy!

:) laura

Mama Urchin said...

Hooray and Congratulations!