Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who sent us notes and well wishes for Julia's surgery. It went okay although all of Friday was a rough day. We are trying to keep her distracted so that she doesn't notice her scratchy eyes. They are still swollen and a little bloody looking so it is hard to tell how well it worked. We go back to Boston on Tuesday for a follow-up visit so we should know more then. I'll let you know.

Again, thanks for the good vibes being sent Julia's way. It means a lot to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Oh Julia just think when the pumpkins start glowing you'll see them soooooooo much better!
Hugs to your kitties and you too!

Unknown said...

I pray that when you return to the Medical Centre with Julia to-morrow that you will find that another miracle has occurred on The Way. I do enjoy your blog. I admire your talent, your skill and your sense of colour. Since I have read your story of Julia, the life you and she share with Farmer, and seen Julia's beautiful picture - I am even more in awe. Your blog is beautiful and I am assuming that it is an appropriate reflection of the life you all live in western Mass. I am thrilled the cat's came back. There is a famous song in Australia by one of our long dead and much famed C&W artists. It is called "The cat came back it couldn't stay away."

Blessings and bliss

Anonymous said...

I missed the previous post about the surgery - I'm very glad to hear that Julia is back home and recovering! Surgery is always scary, even if it's a good thing to have it done. Big hugs to the little trooper from a former Mass. resident. :)

Anonymous said...

Our son had strabismus surgery a few years ago. It's amazing how quickly they recover. For him anaesthesia was the worst part. That and the fact that he saw double for a couple of days and couldn't play x-box! He's 12 now, and the Dr said he doesn't need to see our son again. The miracles of medicine. I'm so thankful!
I think in one way the surgery is harder on the parents!

Brenda Williams said...


My heart goes out to any parent with a child who is visually impaired. My son, now 30, has a congenital condition known as retinal coloboma in both eyes. Coloboma is basically an area in the retina that is void of nerve endings and vessels. In one eye the coloboma touches his optic nerve. As a child his corrected vision was 20/80, 20/200 yet he was an active kid and enjoyed horseback riding, bicycling, running, etc. As a junior in high school he had a retinal detachment (common with coloboma) in his better eye. Reattachment was only partially successful. For the past 13 years he has had silicone oil in this eye to maintain vitreous pressure because the doctor could not find all the holes in his retina (again due to the nature of coloboma). As a result of the detachment and the silicone oil his corrected vision is now 20/200, 20/300. He has had several surgeries and like Julia has been blessed to be in the care of great physicians, esp. Dr. Steinberg at Emory Eye Center in Atlanta. Most of all I am thankful he is in the care of the Great Physician. He functions fairly well on a daily basis, enjoying hiking, fishing, camping and is presently enrolled in college classes and is doing very well. My prayers are with both you and Julia. My son is my hero; he is so persistent and is usually so upbeat about life I am continually amazed. I'm sure you feel the same about Julia.

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