Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's still October - Scarecrows Rule

And you thought my scarecrow posts were over. Sorry. Today I'd like to share with you some of the more amazing creations the really dedicated scarecrow builders made.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Scarecrow done by the local bridal shop.

The Beatles are visiting again - this time as Sgt. Pepper.

My friends Clara and Peggy built Mustang Sally.

This wise old owl was so amazing - it was built out of pinecones, bark, fungus, cornstalks, and lots of other natural things. It stood about 8 feet tall.

My neighbor Joanne who is a dollmaker made a pumpkin family. She built the heads and props out of paper clay, painted them and waterproofed them.

Then she hand-stitched all the little signs in backstitch.

Joanne is an amazing craftsperson - a collector of all kinds of antiques and fabrics. She took the scarecrow challenge to the N-th degree. Here's Gordie and his pet spider in a jar.

Aren't they all totally amazing? Wouldn't you love to stumble upon Scarecrows in the Park and explore it with a young child? Thanks to the local Kiwanis for supporting and organizing such a great event for the community.

Now back to regularly scheduled yarn, farm and color activities.


Miss Eagle said...

Kristin, talk about creative scarecrows! Wonderful. Thought you might like to know of some scarecrow festivals in the Land of Oz:
Milton, NSW (
Kurrajong, NSW (
Mornington Peninsula, Vic (

Blessings, bliss and more good times

Kat said...

Those are awesome. Will they still be up this weekend? I'd love to stop by on my way to/from the Fiber Twist.