Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scary, scary sheepcrow

I know you all have been waiting in anticipation for my October scarecrow post. For those of you new to the blog, here's what I built last year. Here's what other people built last year.

The backstory for new readers..... In Bernardston, MA there is a Scarecrow Festival. The local Kiwanis Club sponsors it and the community is invited to build scarecrows on the Town Common. The first year, over 80 scarecrows appeared. It was so much fun to see the creativity in the community. In subsequent years, the numbers have sadly dwindled. My friend Mike is one of the organizers and being the good friend I am, I feel pressured to participate and not let him down. I know it is a good thing for the town and once in a while, I should do something nice for my local community. I was rushed as usual and grasped at straws, knowing if it wasn't easy, I wouldn't do it. This book thing is cutting into my free time. So, in the rain. late Friday afternoon, Julia and I set up this year's scarecrow....

We call it "Julia had a scary lamb." It may look a bit familiar to you. I re-worked "Julia at the scarecrow field." To make the lamb, I pounded together some scraps of wood and staple gunned some raw wool I felted in the washing machine for last year's scarecrow sheep. The skull, courtesy of the local coyotes, topped it off. Mom, what were you thinking?

I was thinking it would be another scarecrow body for people to look at. After all, that's what is all about - the fun of fall and the harvest.

There was a big festival on Saturday to celebrate the scarecrows. It was really well attended and I heard the food was fabulous. Maybe next year, we can arrive at the festival early so we don't miss the food.


Whirled said...

Very, very, very cool! And what a way to use up old fleece!

Diane H K in Greenfield! said...

Whoa. That sheep is scaring the bejesus out of me. I'll have to look for your entry when I next go to B'ton! We always go see the scarecrows.

See you on Saturday!!!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

That is so adorable. Particularly the pic with Julia.