Thursday, November 29, 2007

Looking for Color

At this time of year, I am craving a bit of color in the landscape. Every once in a while it pops out at me. But mostly, things look rather taupe and beige and grey like this scene at a farm nearby.

It's hard to believe that there still can be green grass out there but this field next door looks nice and healthy. The hillside behind it is a lovely taupe shade and one of my favorite places to look for wildlife.

Looking down can sometimes yield a colorful surprise.

This hillside is covered with wild roses. At this time of year, the hips add bits of color to the landscape.

Further up the hill there are some lovely gold leaves that haven't blown off the trees yet.

Who would think barbed wire could look so pretty.

Invasive as it is, bittersweet vines sure do make me happy in November.


Deborah Newton said...

It takes more effort to be sure, to see the color this time of year. When the sky was really blue in Providence this week, the last of the gold leaves were just brilliant-- the contrast was magnificent.

I saw some yellow I was not prepared for-- forsythias in bloom. Which makes me sad-- we need them more at the end of winter!!!
Lovely pics! Thanks!

marit said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

I love the idea of bittersweet. Hiding there among the green leaves waiting to explode with color once its existence is revealed but I hate how invasive it can be, choking the life out of the trees it so beautifully decorates.
Hope you're staying warm up there :)

Willow said...

Sometimes the greys, taupes and browns can be nice to look at too.
Myriad shades of yellow, brown and orange leaves are my favorite part of autumn.

Beth said...

I thought I'd see an assortment of yarn at the end of this post mirroring the beautiful mix of muted and vibrant colors of the late Massachusetts fall! Thanks for the pictures. Down here in NC, we still have a few green leaves on the Bradford pears. They're the last to let go...

Felicia said...

Beautiful :)

Rain's End said...

Beautiful pictures! The bittersweet is beautiful. How I hate how it strangles everything though -- but what a treat come fall! Blackberries are my other love-hate relationship.