Friday, November 30, 2007

Sheep in Late November and Yarn Stuff

All of our adult sheep have been grazing our far off neighbor's pastures since the big Sheep Move in late October. They have almost finished eating what grass there is and will soon be moving back to their winter quarters which is a greenhouse barn adapted for livestock. Lots of them are looking slightly pregnant so we may have some early lambs this year (early would be Christmas or just after). The move back to the barn will allow The Farmer to better their nutrition as the lambs grow inside them.

We've spent some money on professional installation of 5 strands of electrically charged fencing down at the winter digs. The Farmer has been so distressed about losing so many lambs lately (that he was growing out to sell but really just feeding for the coyotes) that he had to do something. We're almost finished - just waiting for some long gates and then hopefully the ewes, the growing lambs and the upcoming new lambs will be safe from the wildlife. The fences should also keep Jeremy (the llama) in and not wandering down the road and across the way. At least that is the intention.

I can't thank you all enough for the response to the Virtual Book Launch and Yarn Giveaway. What I didn't realize is how many readers I had who knit. Most of the time here I talk about other things - my farm life, my garden, my family and not knitting. The numbers are climbing on the Giveaway which is fabulous. I've even gotten some very nice notes along with the entries which for me is so heart-warming. Sitting here in my little basement studio working away, I don't often hear from knitters to know what they are thinking about my work. So thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write me a nice note along with your entry. I doubt I'm going to be able to answer them all, but I do appreciate the thoughts. You've made my week a very happy one.

You're probably wondering why I care about the sheer number of knitters entering the giveaway. I didn't think about it when I dreamt up the idea but one of the advantages of having more and more knitters in the entry pool is that I can tell the powers that be at Westminster and their sales reps that yes, - there are "this many knitters" clamouring for my Julia Yarn. Thank you for entering and to so many of you for posting about the Giveaway on your blogs!

Another interesting thing I've found out is that many of you are having trouble finding my Julia Yarn in your local yarn store. I'm going to compile a list of your comments and send them to Westminster/Nashua so they can see what you all are looking for and liking. You see, the more information I can give them, the more they will be able to pass on to their sales representative force. Simple fact of the matter is, if the sales representative doesn't show the yarn to the store owner, they won't buy it. The Westminster reps must have in excess of 70 different winter yarns to try to sell a store owner and if they don't think the yarn is important for the shopowner to have, they won't try to sell it to them. (Note that "Fall" yarn sales happened in May to August and now the reps are selling Spring 2008 yarns.)

So, where does that leave me and my beautiful Julia Yarn? At the mercy of the sales reps and the shopowners. So, here's what you can do for me (and my family) --- Keep asking at your local yarn store for the Julia yarn. The more they hear about it, the higher the possibility there is that they may stock it. And when the shopowner says to you, "No, we don't stock it but here's an equally good substitution that is half the price" tell them that you aren't interested (if that is the case). Tell them that you would rather have the real thing because it is much nicer, softer, has more sheen, and the colors are much better. And yes, you want the exact colors because you want to be able to make the projects as shown or as inspired by my new book Kristin Knits.

I am curious if I/we (you, my blog readers) can start a ground-swell. Feel free to send a note with the name of your local yarnstore which isn't stocking the Julia. I will forward it to Westminster and they will forward it to the sales rep in your LYS's territory. I'll keep you posted and of course, I will continue to value each and every comment you make.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. Check out the great review of Kristin Knits on Susan B. Anderson's blog! You'd think I paid her for it but I don't even know her. Thanks Susie!

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Kate in Somerset said...

What a coincidence. I was just reading this morning about shepherds in the south of France who bring their herds down from the alps to overwinter in just such a structure as you describe.