Monday, March 31, 2008

Colorful Stitches

This coming Saturday - April 5th - I will be spending the day out in beautiful Lenox, Massachusetts at the world famous yarn store Colorful Stitches. It is such an honor to be asked to teach at this store. It is one of the most beautiful yarn shops I have ever been in so it will be great to spend a day there amongst all the beautiful, colorful yarn.

Mary and Bonnie are in the throws of organizing the classroom space. I'm teaching a very fun three hour class beginning at noon. You can find out about it on their website here. There are still some spaces available so if you are hemming and hawing about coming on over, jump on it today. I would love to share my techniques on embellishments and more with you. Their phone number is 413 637 8306.

I'm also presenting a lecture called "The Joy of Color" from 4 to 5:30 at Colorful Stitches. This is the one the kind folks came out in droves for in Minnesota and had a fun time viewing. In this lecture, I will teach you how to interpret color to suit yourself and give you much insight into how I combine colors. So, if you don't have 3 hours to spend, stop on by for the hour and a half lecture.

And speaking of Colorful Stitches.... Do you remember the afghan I started way back here last summer on vacation in Maine? I'm using these last few cold nights before gardening starts to actually sew all those granny squares together. It started out tedious but now I'm in the hang of it. I only have a few left to add for now. I'd actually like it to get bigger than it is right now. I can't say it qualifies as a large afghan - it's what I'd call a lap robe - 64 squares in all. I just love the weight of the fabric that crocheted grannies make. It is keeping me warm during the winter that won't end while I stitch away.

I sew my squares together. I know some people like to crochet them together but I like the way they lay flat when they are sewn. I also prefer handsewing and so find it a somewhat relaxing task.

The cats think the afghan is just to die for. Here's Charlie sitting on it last Friday when it was a little afghan. By today, it was big enough for two cats - Vera and Ginger to spend the afternoon on. I'm wondering if anyone besides the cats will ever get to sit under or on it?


Anonymous said...

Kristin, it's so lovely. There's something quite life-affirming about it. This little afghan says Spring is here, the world's full of colour and the cats are at ease.
It can only be a good day.

I also sew my squares together, with a small baseball stitch. May I ask how you do yours, please?

Cathy Miller
PS I don't know how to do the identity thing. Seems I need to post under Anon??? But I've signed my name. Sorry

duraknit said...

Kristin, I see that Cathy already asked -- but I'll ask too. When you sew your squares together, which stitch do you use? I'm still looking for the "right" one. . .


Janet said...

I love that granny square afghan - it is just so colourful and cosy looking. It's inspiring me to make another one myself.

Susan said...

That is so gorgeous! I love it and I may have to make one for my house. Beautiful.

Dianne said...

That must be "Julia" yarn. The colors are so great together! Makes me want to crochet more squares and finish mine. I love how such an old-fashioned project looks so up-to-date in those glorious colors.

Anonymous said...

Would you share your pattern for the granny square? I just think it is beautiful and the colors are fantastic.

Cindy said...

You have no idea how glad I am to see you acknowledge crochet! I just purchased COLOR BY KRISTEN. Though I mainly crochet, I seem to have knitter's sensibilities and love ethnic and folk patterns. You have inspired me to create a chill chaser with five colors that I bought to experiment with crocheted mittens. Stranding in crochet requires working with a number of quirks but I love doing it.