Thursday, April 10, 2008

Detroit - Here I Come

Monday, April 14th, I'll be presenting a talk called "The Joy of Color" at City Knits in Detroit. The talk starts at 5:30 and will run approximatley 1 1/2 hours. I hope some of you can come. For more information, call 313 872 9665. The announcement isn't on their website quite yet. City Knits is located in the fabulous Fisher Building - complete with incredible murals. I've got to get some photos of the lobby - it is just so stunning - a real jewel hidden amongst the city streets.

The reason for this talk is that I'll be in Detroit all week at the PBS station. I'm filming 13 episodes of Knit and Crochet Today. They will air on many PBS stations over the next two years (they are taping 2 seasons at once). I went out last year and filmed 3 episodes and by the end, I wasn't feeling too anxious or nervous. I'm hoping I'll be relaxed and natural and not look like a "deer in head-lights!"

Knit and Crochet Today will be hosted by the lovely Brett Bara who is editor of the magazine Crochet Today. Brett is such a wonderful editor and craftsperson. I think she's a natural to guide all the guests through their projects. I'm actually looking forward to talking with her. The folks at Detroit PBS are very nice and professional and make someone like me feel comfortable.

It's all a little hard to believe that my knitting has led me to PBS t.v. If I have to be on television, PBS is definitely the place I prefer to be. It's so accessible to every home in the USA. In a couple months, I'll ask you all to hound your PBS station so they will air this show.

Posting here will be a bit slow over the next week - so please be patient with me. I'll try to take some pictures of the set and post them if they let me.


Jocelyn said...

I saw your episode of the show with Kassie de Paiva. I gotta say that I found her hostingn style really intrusive. I'm looking forward to the new episodes with Brett. I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't think that Kassie was working :-).

debbi said...

Have a great time and will look for it on PBS in the future. So what is the Rooster's name?

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Oh, I am so sad... I was originally scheduled off that Monday but spring break was changed. I had last Monday off and will be teaching community ed computer classes while you are talking about color. Sigh.

I hope that Detroit treats you well. If you find yourself wanting a dinner partner on Sunday, that's the only day I could make it down. Since you're working a crazy schedule, I do understand if we will miss each other again.

I was so hoping to hear your talk! Some other time, I guess.

Susan said...

Have a great and fun time in Detroit. I think it is perfect that you are on that show and I agree with you about pbs. I love it. My dad used to donate all of the time when they had the auctions when I was growing up and I still watch pbs shows all of the time.

I just sent in a hat and bootie set to Detroit for the show so keep your eye out for my stuff:)

Hope you are well and that your travels are smooth.
Take care.

Jenifer said...

I accidently came upon that show a few months ago (watching that Detroit station itself) one early Saturday morning when I couldn't sleep.
One of the episodes with you, I still have on tape. (I'm not a stalker, really, just needed to be able to watch you do embroidery!)
I'm SO excited to see it is going to be continued and you'll be on more episodes.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Kristin!!
I live about 2hours from Buffalo CANADA! .. an hour north of Toronto ... and we can get PBS Buffalo!
CANADIAN knitters in Windsor - just across the river from Detriot .. will be tuning in as well ...
Viva le Technology!!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

You have to say, "The golden tower of the Fisher Building", or how it's referred to by the natives. It's a marvelous building, and Detroit is my hometown of many years past.

Enjoy your stay.