Friday, April 11, 2008

Turkey Dance

The scene as I awoke this morning way down in the pasture. Spring is finally here. The toms were putting on quite a show for thirteen hens. I hope they accomplished their task because hunting season starts the end of April for bearded turkeys. The hunters have been circling and looking to see where the birds are.


melissaknits said...

We had 20-something birds in the yard a while ago - took pictures, have never seen so many in one place all at once. Then yesterday morning when I went out to do my birds (let them out, feed, water) I heard the toms in the field across the street - there they all were, big displays, the works! Last year we had a flock of maybe 12-15 a couple of times a week, and even got to see their poults grow (and some disappear). They have some kind of weird relationship with my chickens. They all take baths together, the toms and the roosters sort of greet one another, tacit understanding, no fighting. Turkey and chicken hens wander and forage together. It's wonderful to watch them.

Anonymous said...

I pick up 4 kids at the top of my route (school bus) each day. The have a good sized chunk of land with a pile of horses and a good flock of fowl, chickens mostly, but ducks, geese and a tom turkey. That turkey climbs the hill to the top of the yard and challenges my bus every morning. Apparently he considers the chickens to be his flock of ladies - since they have no rooster - and he doesn't like my big yellow bus hanging around!

knittingiris said...

They're at it around here, too!