Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lucky Lady

I’m back from Detroit. What a different place I live in as compared to an urban city. Not a bad difference – just a difference.

I drove down our road to find Julia waiting by the door and my sister Lynn with a handful of eggs emerging from my chicken coop. What a sight – totally out of “Green Acres.” Once in a while, we joke with the neighbors that The Farmer and I are completely out of Green Acres. But the fact of the matter is I am no Eva Gabor. Not a prayer I could ever be. I’m just a person full of lots of common sense and practicalness in my everyday life loving living where I do with a kid and a very great husband. Not a bit of glamour in me except for some daily mascara and lipgloss. But my sister Lynn - she is defitnitely Eva. She was dressed in a floral low-cut top complete with cleavage and some kind of knit pants, her arms and neckline covered in piles of gold jewelry. It was quite a site and one I hope I will remember forever.

Here Lynn is with one of my Polish Chickens. She has been caring for them all week long – collecting eggs – feeding the chickens. She just had major surgery which coincided with my crazy trip to Detroit PBS. She came up with my wonderful mother Nancy to help The Farmer care for Julia – get her to school, carry her around to appointments so the business side of this place could continue. Fact of the matter is, Lynn came for rehab from surgery. When I left on Sunday, she was a mess – in severe pain and feeling incredibly awful and on pain pills. By my Friday return, she was feeling much better and said that our place was worth $500/day for re-hab.

I didn’t worry much about Julia while I was gone. If Mom and my sister were around, I knew she would be safe. Mom’s got lots of experience with diabetes care and they all get along and laugh a lot. Truth be told, I was envious I was missing all the laughing. Julia’s Dad was there for the common sensicalness of it all – the part I usually am in charge of. Except for the excess of Hannah Montana-ish junk they bought her, it all worked out great.

I am indeed very lucky that Mom would take a week out of her life to pitch in and drive far and help take care of Julia. The fact that Lynn could be here to recuperate was an added bonus. Lynn has two sons so the time she spends with Julia is extra special as they really are on similar wave lengths.


bernie said...

That's hilarious. She even looks like Eva Gabor in that shot fumbling with a chicken!

j said...

such a lovely lady. glad she's doing well.

that is nice, that you could go away and relax and focus, while everybody held down the fort.

hope Lewis N. Cluck is doing OK

and I just noticed the little peek-a-boo sheep on the end, in the top picture, last post. do you ever sell your photos? I'd love to have those two, together as a reminder of your farm stories. we all loved the story of the sheep you bottle fed, that remembered your daughter... and now your daughter is the Gramdma :)

tut-tut said...

It's great they were both able to be there--and sometimes it's good to be out of your element, like your sister!

Kate G. said...

Your sister picked the perfect chicken to accessorize with! Looks like she's a woman who knows how to recoup in style. Julia's a lucky girl to have an aunt like that.

Leslie said...

What a cool sister you have! Thanks for the great story and reminder that I've got two pretty awesome sisters of my own. Oh, and love the chicken!

Anonymous said...

So does Lynn still live in Jersey! This blog made my day today!