Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hay.... What's for Dinner?

"Hay, hay, hay.... that's all we get to eat. Isn't it about time you fed us something else?"

That's what I imagine our sheep are asking The Farmer just about now. Although they never go on strike and say "No, I won't eat." They wait patiently and then chow down in earnest.

The lambs run on the outside of the feeding fence because they are small enough to sneak through. They're also too small to fight off the larger ewes. And of course they are growing fast and need lots of food besides the milk their mothers are making.

By next week, some of the sheep will move out to pasture if the grass is well established. It's important that they don't eat the grass down to the root system. If they do, it takes a lot longer for it to re-grow. The Farmer is very anxious to get them on the hillsides. And I can imagine, the sheep are pretty anxious for some fresh greens since they have been eating pickled grass for several months now.


Leslie said...

That lamb is definitely SMILING! What a great picture.

Leslie in NJ

KSee said...

The look on their faces says it all. How cute the little one is looking straight at you.

Bonnie said...

Welcome home. What gorgeous photos.
My book club read The Supper of the
Lamb by Robert Ferrar Capon and had
a lamb dinner earlier this month.
So everytime I see your beautiful lambs, I think about eating!


Suzanne said...

The look on the little sheep's face is just priceless. So cute.

Misstea said...

Adding my voice to the chorus admiring the wee lamb in the second photo.

I wish I had a photo like that, so I could make him/her my Ravelry avatar.

(Kind of sucks to think that if he's a he, he will eventually become dinner. Now I'm sad.)

Suzanne said...

The little guy on the right...second photo. I want to take him home. How cute.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Anonymous said...

That little lambie on the right is so appealing with its dirty knees. We're hoping to catch you in Salem in May!

j said...

that is the sweetest little sheep picture.

Diane said...

GREAT sheep photos! I love the one of the adults feeding at the manger.

Northampton MA