Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Way Up There

Just up our road there's a really large hill that is owned by our neighbors. They don't have their dairy cows anymore and so the land isn't being actively grazed. This hill is massive.

It can be seen from all over our county - a patch of green amongst the woodlands. We are lucky enough to be able to hike the hill frequently. And quite a hike it is. I just don't know how the dogs fly up it at warp speed - looking back at me saying - "Come on, what's taking you so long."

Our sheep have been helping out with the mowing of the hill. They started all the way at the bottom. Every day, The Farmer moves the fences just a bit higher. Now they are so high, you can't even see them anymore.

This weekend it was perfectly beautiful. Julia and I made the trek up the hill and helped move the fences even higher. As we climbed higher and higher, the sheep eventually came into view.

I looked at them and couldn't believe the luck - puffy clouds and puffy sheep in full fleece. It was pretty magical.

And then, amongst them all, a brand new little black lamb born to a yearling ewe. Very bright and doing beautiful up there, enjoying the view.

Lucky sheep. Lucky us. Hope you too had a lovely long weekend. Aaahhhhhh, back to the every day.


Beth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! And that little black lamb is so sweet. You are very fortunate. I was thankful for the opportunity to visit near your part of the world a week ago (Berkshires, southern Vermont/Hoosick Falls, NY). It was lovely and verdant and so beautifully non-cookie cutter and rural. I love it and am glad my daughter lives there so I can go visit!

Thanks, yet again, for transporting me to the country via your blog.

telfair said...

Your last sentence sums up all of my regret to see the long weekend pass us by! That little black lamb is so beautiful, it must have made that long hike very worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Baa baa black sheep :-)

I've heard of sheep being used as lawnmowers--not only that, they enrich the ground while they work!

lovely lovely photos--a pleasure to see.

Lynn said...

Thank you for this beauty. I went to Cummington Saturday (and saw you there! but I was too shy to say hello) and just loved seeing those hills again. I live in Athol now, but I used to live in Heath and Conway, and I miss western Franklin County. One of these days....

Lily Boot said...

just beautiful! reminds me of a grassy hill near where my grandparents lived by the sea - so steep to climb, but enormous fun to slide down on a piece of cardboard! Now my daughter wants to know if the sheep are hill sheep with their back legs longer than their front, and holes in their ears to tuck their legs in when they need to roll back down to the bottom! Looks as if they'll need it!

Kelley Hart said...

I love the photo of the sheep with the clouds--so beautiful! Such a wonderful contrast to my southern Cal coastline. Thanks!

Turtle said...

can i just come and move in? I cook! *smile I can help spin too!

marlaine said...

Your photographs are always so beautiful! Like everyone else I love the little black lamb and the sheep against the clouds in the sky. Have you ever thought about creating a calendar with some of your sheep/yarn photos? I would buy one in a heartbeat!

Bonnie said...


Hope you've read an essay by Wendell Berry in his book The Art
of the Commonplace~~ the very first one called 'A Native Hill". That hill reminds me of his words:

"The hill is like an old woman, all her obligations met, who sits at work day after day, in a kind of rapt leisure, an intricate embroidery . She has time for all things. Because she does not ever expect to be finished, she is endlessly patient with the details. She perfects flower and leaf, feather and song, adorning the briefest life in great beauty as though it were meant to last forever."

The sheep know that!


ellen said...

Look at that beautiful glossy black sheep. She/he is beautiful.
Your pictures reminded me instantly of this poem. I'll bet that you and Julia know this one:
White sheep, white sheep on a blue hill.
When the wind stops, you all stand still.
When the wind blows, you walk away slow.
White sheep, white sheep, where do you go?

Thanks again for sharing such beauty.

KSee said...

lucky us for your sharing these beautiful images of your life. Thank you