Monday, June 16, 2008


Early Sunday morning calls relayed the news of a sheep escape. Three quarters of the flock were grazing a fresh field up the road. The fence was down and tangled but fixable. Who knows why - they looked peaceful and happy enough Saturday evening. Must have been up for a late night adventure.

Late Sunday afternoon, before the escapees started grazing, we all went to move them back with their friends.
Julia and I were awaiting their arrival patiently - doing what we were told.... The sheep were a half mile up the hill. They knew they weren't where they should be.... It was a matter of The Farmer taking Phoebe and Nessie to boss them back towards where they should be.

Here they come.

Then they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw us blocking the road.

The Farmer was taking his sweet old time for a leisurely walk down the hill. Upon his arrival and a "Hey! Ho!" off they went. You see that arm flapping thing he is doing? Before our dogs, we both did that a lot - It would take a couple hours of arm flapping to capture a small flock. With two collies you can do that amount of work in about two minutes.

Things were getting back to normal. Phoebe puts any dreams of sheep escape to rest.

The sun was setting and they found the rest of their friends.


Maymomvt said...

I love these sheep photos. When I was a little girl I spent every day after school at Old Sturbridge (my Mom worked there). I once chased a flock of sheep right in the back door and out the front of one of the houses on the common!

Kate G. said...

Can collies help with small children? I wonder.

Julie said...

What? The sheep didn't realize it was Father's/Farmer's Day and a time for the Farmer to rest?

Great photos. I live my sheep farm dreams vicariously through you.

Diana said...

Great story! I hope they stay put for a while.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I came across your blog tonight! Just wonderful! I will return!

Day said...

I love these photos and this story!

Juddie said...

Oh, I love this post! I also just found your blog, and will definitely drob by again often!