Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn Green

Our orchard is loaded with fruit. Last spring it looked like this. Now we literally have so much fruit from those blooms that it is very overwhelming. It happens every few years and this year is it. I'm hoping to make lots of applesauce this fall and maybe even some cider. And we're giving them away to everyone we know who will pick them themselves.

There will be plenty left for the deer, turkeys, bears, bees, and other wildlife.


ellen said...

It is interesting that some years there is a bumper crop and others just next to zero. I was looking forward to lots of cherries this year, but the birds took care of that! They didn't even wait for the cherries to form, they had a picnic with the flowers. They just methodically removed the "whatever" you call it in the center of each flower. I shook my fist and yelled, "I hope you all get the colly wobbles!"

Caralyn said...

Hurray! Fresh picked apples in the fall. My kids and I look forward to this every year. I can almost smell them from your picture.
We had plum and pear trees that would issue an overwhelming crop of goodies, then lie low for a couple of years before doing it again. Probably just as well; it ensured we took advantage of the fruit because we hadn't seen much the prior summer and knew it might not be so abundant next one either.

Kathie said...

I remember my grandmother's orchard--on her dairy farm in Minnesota. It seemed a good crop every other year...We've got two relatively new apple trees here in California, but they aren't thriving yet. My neighbor, who has been here over 40 years has two that are lovely so I know I can do it, too! I love growing my own food. Enjoy those apple pies and applesauce!!

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