Friday, September 12, 2008

Mohair Goodness

Remember these crocheted mohair flowers from last year? I think it was just about this time when the zinnias were blooming and I was crocheting. Does anyone else remember certain times of the year by the projects they were working on, or is it just me?

They were once again for a project that I was making for future publication. The future is finally here.

I crocheted a garden full of them, added some french knots and then edged this short little knit cardigan with my bouquet. You'll find this knit and crochet cardigan in the new Nashua Handknits Mohair 3 booklet for their sumptuous Creative Focus Kid Mohair. Working with this yarn is like working with a spider's web - it is light and airy and luminescent. The booklet is at your local yarn store. Love the photo - a retro, kind of 60's pop London feel. Thanks Susan for doing such a good job with my design.

Check out the Nashua Handknits website - it's newly redesigned and they are running a contest for $500 worth of free yarn when you sign up for their newsletter. A chance to win free yarn - and beautiful yarn at that!

And yet even more updates! Look at my sidebar and you'll find the places I will be teaching classes in September, October, November, and January. I hope to meet some of you in these far flung places. I'll be scheduling more classes for next spring so keep checking in.


Beth said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the contest. If I win, I'll certainly be ordering some Julia yarn!

Patricia said...

I'll see you at Stitches East. I'm learning more about Brioche knitting and toe up socks.


Harpa J said...

Lovely flowers. I have made a lot of similar ones, for decorations on little girls dresses, hair ornaments, you name it.

Kate G. said...

The flowers and the cardigan are *very* Kirstin Nicholas (as they say on the runway). Glad to know that a great designer is still working her magic with fiber.

tamdoll said...

I definitely remember projects that I do at certain times of the year. I crochet flowers for teacher gifts in the spring, knit mittens in the winter, knit hats on car trips. Wow, almost makes me sound predictable.

Susan said...

I vividly remember everything about the time surrounding the knitting of a garment. Every time I see the knitted piece it brings me back to that time. That's strange how that works.

Your cardigan is gorgeous, love the flowers. It's very fun and would look great on any age.

Thanks for sharing and hope you are well. You sure are busy, as always.

Blogging Molly said...

i definitely mark seasons with projects; events too. i was knitting a sock while camping last weekend, and i thought to myself that every time i wear those socks i will remember that camping trip. love the flowers.